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How Much Does Reputation Defender Cost?

Your image online is of vital importance, but it may not always be clear how to best protect it. If outdated or inaccurate information is hurting the reputation of you or your business, Reputation Defender can help. Reputation Defender specializes in improving your image online by burying untruthful and/or inaccurate search results, purging misleading data about you, and getting you off of the personal information lists that so frequently get sold. The result is a friendly page of results for your name and company, free of anything that could prevent you from gaining a customer or finding a job.

It is not possible to hack into websites spreading inaccurate or unreliable information to delete it, so you cannot eliminate the source directly. You could have a lawyer send a cease-and-desist order to the offending site, but there are a lot of them and they have no legal obligation to comply. If they do, somebody else could post the same misleading information on a new site anyway. The truth is that you can’t just get rid of lies posted on the internet.

Reputation Defender therefore does not try to delete false information. Instead, we focus on burying the material so that no one ever sees it. According to a recent study conducted by Moz Research, 92 percent of internet users do not go farther than the first page of any online search. Only one percent of internet searchers bother to go as far as page three. Therefore, if you populate the first two pages with truthful, positive content ranking highly in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can prevent anyone from ever seeing the misinformation currently damaging your online reputation.

All Reputation Defender products begin by sitting down with you in order to figure out your unique circumstances. Once we know what you need, we will provide you with content that tells a more favorable story and strategically publish it for maximum impact. You have the right to refuse any content offered for any reason, and will receive periodic updates on your digital reputation.

So, how much does Reputation Defender cost? The good news is that Reputation Defender offers several tiers of services, allowing you to pay only for the amount of protection you need. Let’s break all of the packages down by costs and benefits so you can make an informed decision about the level of protection you require.

The basic Defender packages are labelled as follows: 3,000, 5,000, 7,500, 10,000, 15,000, and 25,000. This number is the annual cost for a one-year engagement, making the pricing as transparent as possible. You get more content pieces as you move up in price, starting with 12 from Defender 3,000 and increasing to 110 at the highest level. Defender 5,000 includes 20 pieces, 7,500 offers 35, 10,000 comes with 46, and Defender 15,000 includes 65. If you only need to bury a couple of articles, a smaller package will suit your needs perfectly. Larger scale attacks require more content to effectively combat.

Every level also includes access to a team of reputation advisers and a customized publication strategy, so your content will have the desired impact. You also get a minimum of one unique direct website that increases to two at the Defender 10,000 level and three at the Defender 25,000 level. Furthermore, you get a number of personalized websites (18, 20, 22, 26, 38, and 40 in order) corresponding to the package you choose.

Sadly, not even Defender 25,000 is adequate for the most vicious digital attacks. Reputation Defender offers a special product called Reputation Defender Elite for just these situations. Not only will your search results become more favorable through the strategic publication of positive items, you can also receive SEO consultation services to maximize the impact of your existing digital properties, purge your name from “Deep Web” databases most services cannot touch, and specify which images and videos you want most strongly associated with your brand. You can receive progress reports whenever you want them, ensuring that you know the difference the service is making for you. The cost of this service is variable based on your situation, but you will know it before agreeing to anything.

Executives are frequent targets of digital attacks because they serve as a convenient entry point to attack a larger business. A law firm may be smeared by a felon with a grudge, or hackers may attempt to acquire sensitive information that you do not want leaking out. Reputation Defender offers a special service for executives known as ExecutivePrivacy to handle circumstances such as these. Like the Defender packages above, costs vary based on the tier selected. The basic package costs $1,000 a year and protects up to two name variations, three address variations, and 10 each of phone numbers and email addresses. You receive quarterly privacy reports, and stubborn negative content gets removed manually.

The next tier up, ExecutivePrivacy Plus, costs $5,000 a year and covers eight name variations, 12 different addresses, 20 distinct phone numbers and email addresses, monthly privacy reports instead of quarterly, and the option to request the removal of a specific offending site. The highest tier, ExecutivePrivacy Premium, costs $10,000 a year and includes everything above plus more detailed privacy reports and automatic monitoring of your social media and internet presence, allowing for threats to be eliminated before you even notice them. You will also receive a customized threat list to help determine where trouble could start.

Finally, a product called Privacy Pro lets you find out who is searching for you on the Web, delete your name from the databases traded by data brokers, and determine if your private information has recently been sold. It can also remove you from junk mailing lists, so you’ll receive fewer catalogs and other garbage that frequently infiltrates your mailbox. This service costs $9.95 a month, $99 a year, or $179 every two years. The only difference between them is that longer commitments receive preferential pricing per month.

If these services sound like something you could handle on your own, think again! Search engines are smart enough to recognize if you spam one article across many platforms, so none of your work will rate highly enough to bury anything. Search engines also favor well-established sites over brand new ones, mandating that you get a range of diverse content optimized for search engine performance. You need the professionals at Reputation Defender to make sure the job is done right.