• 15
  • July

Help Removing a The Truth in Advertising (TINA.Org)Article?

*In some cases we can help clients remove or fix a negative webpage from the website The Truth in Advertising (www.truthinadvertising.org) What Does The Truth in Advertising (truthinadvertising.org) Do? American consumers waste billions of dollars annually as a result of deceptive marketing practices ranging from blatant lies to misleading claims intended to confuse. The existence of these fraudulent marketing campaigns is obviously […]

Online Reputation Management
  • 03
  • July

3 Reasons You Should Invest in ORM Services

There are many reasons why Online Reputation Management services are critical for businesses (or individuals) who rely on the internet to advertise and sell their services or products. At The Reputation Management Company, we work with many ad agencies who urge their clients to invest in ORM services. Reasons can range from not letting a negative online reputation ruin your sales numbers, […]