writing a review on Cosumercomplaints
  • 22
  • January

Consumercomplaints.co Deletion and Removal from the Internet

Consumer Complaint websites can say just about anything they want online without being held responsible thanks to the CDA 230 (Communications Decency Act) where the website owner who promotes the false and fake complaints can allow anything to be posted about any business or individual without having to bear the consequences. On consumercomplaints.co a consumer gripe website there are over 4,000 current […]

Boardroom PR strategies meetings
  • 17
  • January

Boardroom PR Strategies for Public Relations Crisis

In today’s world, it doesn’t take much to make grab a headline or two. One mild controversy can lead to multiple news stories or posts online. This is good news if a business or individual does something they are proud of, but it is bad news if it is due to controversy or scandal. As we’ve seen now more than ever our […]