A team making a website for clients
  • 22
  • May

How to Work with Clients Who Won’t Change Websites

Planning an online reputation management campaign for an elite client often entails reviewing their online assets — including personal websites, corporate umbrella sites, and sub-brand sites. Social media accounts are also important assets. Every point of contact with the online world is a potential resource that can be leveraged to improve online reputations. Even clients who only want to build reputations from […]

Angry customer complaining to your client
  • 21
  • May

What You Can Do When Angry People Attack Your Client

Online reputation management covers many different communications channels, including news reports, advertising, consumer reviews, social media conversations, and the results that appear on Bing and Google for the names of companies, products, and individuals. PR specialists know how to craft a positive message and promote verifiable facts. Attorneys know when and how to send cease-and-desist orders, takedown notices, and explain libel laws […]

Hostile strategy
  • 20
  • May

Should Reputation Management Use Hostile Strategies?

Nothing is more painful than being targeted for abuse, hostility, and negative attention on the Internet by someone who is determined to destroy your reputation. Anyone who has been the victim of relentless character assassination knows well the feeling of helplessness as complete strangers take up the angry rhetoric of others. The phenomenon of “social justice” is not really new. Throughout history, […]