books in IPR Laws
  • 30
  • June

Should IPR Laws be Used for Reputation Management?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) created opportunities and challenges for intellectual property owners. While it gave trademark and content owners access to a consistent process for challenging unauthorized use of protected content, the DMCA didn’t solve every issue. In the area of reputation management, a company’s logos or content may be used in hostile content. The “fair use” privileges extended by […]

changing search results with reputation management
  • 29
  • June

Should Reputation Management be Used to Cover Up Failures?

Are you familiar with the story of Love Canal? In 1890 a New York businessman named William Love proposed building what he called “a model city” by Lake Ontario. His community would include factories, parks, homes, and a shipping lane to bypass Niagara Falls. Love worked on the project for 17 years, through repeated economic crises, but eventually had to give up […]

Should companies take preemptive measures for their online reputation?
  • 26
  • June

Should Companies Use Preemptive Reputation Management?

Effective corporate policy and leadership are part of basic reputation management. Merely doing well by one’s customers and business partners is normally enough to earn and maintain a reputation for trustworthiness. And so it might seem the phrase preemptive reputation management is redundant. But a preemptive reputation management strategy is a more deliberate – and sometimes targeted – effort to establish a […]