monitoring tools for online reputation management
  • 27
  • July

How Much Do Online Monitoring Tools Help Reputation Management?

One of the first things online reputation managers learn to do is sign up for alerts. You can go a level above passive alerts and subscribe to a business intelligence tool that purports to crawl the web and find mentions of protected keywords. These tools are useful and necessary but when you need to measure their effectiveness there isn’t a standard to […]

controversial between security and freedom
  • 24
  • July

Should Clients Stop Being Controversial?

“To thine own self be true,” said Polonius to Hamlet in the famous Shakespeare play. When you do reputation management for a controversial client, you should know at the start of the deal that the client isn’t likely to change his or her behavior. Anyone who has spoken their mind all their life will continue to do so. Their controversial views and […]

Building a website
  • 23
  • July

Should Clients Build More Websites for Reputation Management?

How many websites does one person or organization need? This is an important question for anyone considering an online reputation management campaign. There is no universal, always correct way of answering the question. A multinational corporation may need many websites. And what is a website? People may quickly say that any domain is a website but a domain can host thousands or […]