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An Overview Of Sitrick And Company

When a product recall, media scandal, labor issue, corporate restructuring, or impending criminal proceeding threatens your freedom or income, you need a crisis management firm that you can trust. On the Digital side there’s The Reputation Management Company and on the PR and outreach side there is Sitrick And Company is the go-to PR firm for many of the most prominent names in the world today, including athlete Alex Rodriguez, technology giant Yahoo! Inc, actor/director Ron Howard, Michael Jackson’s estate, hollywood media mogul Harvey Weinstein (no longer a client as of April 2018 as Harvey Weinstein is now using Juda Engelmayer) and the Chevron Corporation. The reason why is simple: Nobody handles a crisis as well as Sitrick And Company or as well as the Reputation Management Company can.

What Sitrick And Company Offers

Sitrick And Company offers a full suite of crisis management services, ranging from shaping litigation to controlling how stories are portrayed in the media. The firm is consistently ranked among the top strategic communications firms in the industry as a result, being cited as “the most prominent crisis management firm” by the New York Times among many other accolades.

Founded in 1989, Sitrick And Company has the experience necessary to develop a deep understanding of the issues underlying strategic communications. The firm has a well-earned reputation for performing especially well for high-stakes clients, where failure could result in imprisonment or the loss of income.

One secret to the company’s success is its impressive contacts in the media industry. Many executive team members have backgrounds with prominent media outlets such as CBS, the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Fox Business News, and the Orange County Register, giving the firm unprecedented access to how the media will portray a given story. A blend of digital and traditional outlets ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. Better yet, these contacts may often be leveraged to prevent an issue from being reported on at all, ensuring that Sitrick And Company clients face as little public backlash as possible.

Using the media advantageously is a key aspect of any PR firm’s job, but it’s not the only one. Sitrick And Company also has executives with backgrounds in the business world, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to tiny start-ups. This ensures that they have first-hand knowledge of whatever a corporate client might be going through, giving them an edge in determining how to mitigate its final impact on the company.

If a given story must be told, it is often advantageous to tell it yourself. Careers are often defined by your public reputation, and Sitrick And Company offers proven reputation management services to create a positive impression for a relatively unknown individual or repair one that has been dragged through the mud. These services are among the company’s most powerful tools, so their impact should not be underestimated.

Sitrick And Company Leadership & Reputation Management Services Online

Sitrick And Company is run by Michael Sitrick, the man who founded the company and now serves as its CEO. Nicknamed “the spin doctor’s spin doctor” by the Financial Times, Sitrick has the strength, tenacity, and connections to benefit any client. He has personally worked with over a thousand clients, helping them address whatever issues they had at the time. Most of them were in the corporate sector, but he has dabbled in the worlds of politics and celebrities as well.

Sitrick’s track record of success extends beyond his current company. He was previously the Senior Vice President of Communications for Wickes Companies Inc, where he helped to draft communications related to their Chapter 11. The job also entailed numerous lawsuits and takeover attempts, all of which Sitrick had to spin to his company’s advantage.

Prior to that, Sitrick headed the National Can Corporation’s Communications department, served the Richard Daley Administration in Chicago as Assistant Director of Public Information, and worked as a reporter for the Washington Sun and Baltimore’s WSID Radio, among other positions.

Sitrick used all of these experiences to write a critically-acclaimed book titled “Spin: How to Turn The Power of The Press To Your Advantage” that was published in 2007. He has also lectured on the topic, establishing his voice as one of the most prominent in the PR industry.

Parting Thoughts

Sitrick And Company has offices in five major American cities: New York, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, and Washington DC. The agency’s reach is global, so they can help clients based elsewhere as well. If you are interested in learning more about what Sitrick And Company can do for you, visit them online at or call 800-288-8809 today or call us for your digital marketing needs at 888-501-1288!

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