Autocomplete Suggestions
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  • April

Are Google autocomplete suggestions hurting the reputation of your business?

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 65% of people trust search engines like Google when they research a business. You probably relied on the results of Google when you looked up this agency. 

Whether you would like to admit it or not, almost everything we do at this juncture in time ends up online. 

Online reputation management-based digital marketing strategies are and will continue to become more crucial for businesses that want to thrive in this environment. 

Google yourself

A great first step to seeing how your search results stack up is to go search for yourself through Google. Remember, it is essential to think and search like your customers would in this case. Using an online reputation management agency will help you to develop a targeted reputation management strategy to keep tabs on your reputation as it changes over time. 

A first impression is everything

If your business isn’t giving off an excellent first digital impression, it can spell game over, no matter how amazing your product or service is. First impressions, for the most part, are the deciding factor in whether someone will invest time and energy in you. For all the hard work you put into your business, you should have the opportunity to engage with customers from the get-go. 

Brand Management

How do autocompletes affect brand reputation

Responses in google autocomplete can give customers searching for your brand a pause if they see something negative immediately, or inspire them to learn more about your brand with good google autocomplete results. Did you know that google autocomplete can hurt you even after the first word? If someone sees words like “scam,” “lawsuits,” “complaints,” or “arrests,” this can be harmful to your business and take away from everything you and your team have worked so hard to build. 

Return on Investment 

Your business should be seeing a meaningful ROI (return on investment) from the time and energy your team is putting out there. To accomplish this feat, your business must be understood by its intended audience. If you don’t have a targeted niche audience with its wants and needs understood, then you simply will not succeed in your online reputation management. Thrive with valuable insights provided by an effective digital reputation strategy. 

The Reputation Management Company 

Our passion at the Reputation Management Company (RMC) is working with you and your company to create the best online reputation possible. We create a plan to get you the desired outcomes so that you have the online status your brand deserves, along with the benefits that come along with that recognition. 

How are you going to fix my negative google autocompletes 

With services from RMC, you can rest assured that we have developed an exact science to fix negative autocomplete suggestions so that potential clients only see the very best of your company from the very first interaction. Our service not only works wonders with Google but also with smaller search engines like Bing and on websites like YouTube. With this service, your company will only showcase the positive without worrying about negative search results that can lead to immediate negative assumptions. We understand how crucial branding issues like this are to you and your ultimate bottom line. 

Find a proactive strategy 

Online reputation management is, ultimately, a proactive strategy that helps to prevent problems from arising while fostering a strong brand identity for your audience. It can promote a strong ROI for your business in the long run while helping your team become stronger, more confident, and ultimately more successful. There is no need to be fearful of the everchanging digital landscape with a robust online reputation management plan, but instead, excited for the future.

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