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Best Online Reputation Management Companies For 2019

Online reputation management companies are still a pretty new concept overall, but these days, individuals and businesses need them more than ever. One or two bad links on search results can cause a lot of damage to a person’s reputation and wallet. Businesses can lose trust and a ton of money with just one negative search result popping up on the first page of Google.

Best Online Reputation Management Companies For 2019

With so many people researching the best companies, it was important to make this list the best of the best. They not only replace false information, promote positive content and drive down negative links, but they work to ensure that all clients can monitor their online reputation in the future. It is not a perfect science, but a few major companies stand out from the rest. What is the best online reputation management company for 2019? Here are six challengers for that crown.


The Reputation Management Company

It is hard to find the best of the best (since each client is different), but The Reputation Management Company is perhaps the best overall at online reputation management. They can repair reputations for individuals and businesses in so many different ways, and they do so at an affordable price.

The rise in popularity in this section of business means that a lot of companies can only offer a few methods to get results. The entire team at The Reputation Management is diverse enough to not only repair a reputation, but make their client stand out.

An army is needed to really handle a job, and they have journalists, government specialists, broadcasters, SEO experts and public policy aficionados all on staff. They offer the best customization for each client trying to get results fast.

Featured on several media outlets, including the likes of NPR and Bloomberg Business, The Reputation Management Company has really grown into a juggernaut in this field. Their services are top notch, and where most people should start with when looking for the right company.



It is hard to argue with the success Webimax has had, making it one of the most trusted and well-reviewed online reputation management companies in the world. They are truly a one-stop shop for anything related to the industry, as they customize a plan for each client they take on.

A challenging thing for a lot of companies trying out an online reputation management option is that they usually want long commitments. Webimax stands by its month-to-month contracts, which helps out those wanting to see if they are for real or not.

Webimax handles pricing like just about all online reputation management companies, setting up a customized plan. The customer service support is great from figuring out an initial plan to timely updates on the project.

Overall, it is up there with The Reputation Management Company as one of the best online reputation management companies in the world. There might be better ones for specific issues, but Webimax does a great job at being a good starting point for any individual or business in need of services.



Gadook is another great overall pick for reputation management (and inbound marketing if that is needed). They provide a full service for clients who might not know where to start, as well as a tailored setup for very specific issues.

What Gadook does really well, and perhaps better than any other company in the industry, handles reputation attacks. They know that any type of attack on a reputation of a business can cause serious harm. They act fast and they handle the problem before it becomes a big issue.

Privacy is also huge for Gadook. Each new client can have the company sign a non-non-disclosure agreement to ensure that nothing will be leaked. No individual or business wants information out there that could eventually cause more harm down the road.

They don’t offer a month-to-month contract, at least not initially. The first contract is three months, with an option to go month-to-month after that. It’s not a huge initial commitment, but still, something to consider.



A big part of reputation management online is review management. Businesses rely on reviews to really frame their reputation in the eyes of customers. Podium is the best company to help with that, as they provide a ton of unique tools that simplify something that could potentially be pretty time consuming.

New, authentic and positive reviews can be gold for businesses, whether they are just starting out, or trying to dig themselves out of a hole. Podium helps their clients get new reviews, manage those reviews and then analyze all the statistics to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Statistics play a big role in online reputation management, and reviews in particular. A great overall review rating can raise the profile of a business in so many ways. Management is huge, yet often overlooked.

The only true downfall with Podium is that they do currently offer a minimum 12-month contract in the beginning. It might be difficult for some businesses to commit to the services for that long, but they do a great job showcasing everything they provide. Most clients feel comfortable enough giving them a try to manage reviews.



Similar to Podium, BirdEye is another online reputation management company that focuses on reviews more than most. Getting reviews can help a business, but getting the right reviews can put them over the top.

No business likes begging for reviews. BirdEye helps to handle things politely, encouraging interaction. They provide businesses with the best set of tools and software to handle things on their own. BirdEye also works hard for their clients to help on their end.

Text messaging with customers is one-way businesses can really reach out. If done tastefully, it can improve a reputation of a business pretty quickly.

Pricing can be pretty affordable for BirdEye, but it really comes down to how many tools are needed. Those who don’t feel the need to track everything might be able to keeps costs down considerably.


Go Fish Digital

A common financial tip is to diversify. The same can be said for online reputation management. Go Fish Digital prides itself on repairing reputations by using one of the biggest lists of ideas in the industry. From improving Yelp reviews to making autocomplete search suggestions positive, they can handle it all.

After a client is set up and techniques are implemented, the job isn’t over. Go Fish Digital provides outstanding monitoring to stay on top of searches going through repairs. Even after the contract is over, Go Fish Digital can either continue to monitor a site, or clients can use the information they learned and continue monitoring themselves.

One of the best ways to check online reputation management companies is of course to give them a search online. After all, if a business can’t manage its own reputation, can it be trusted to handle a different one? Go Fish Digital has great user reviews online, a clean first page in search results, and no poor related searches.

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