Black Cube Reputation Repair Alternatives in the USA
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Black Cube High End Reputation Management Alternative

Over the last few years, Black Cube The Israel Reputation Management Company has built up a solid reputation of its own online. As one of the leaders in the industry for close to a decade, they are turning into a worldwide company with offices in Tel Aviv, London, and Madrid.

Officially known as a private intelligence agency, reputation management is just one part of the services that they offer similar to the many reputation management services that we offer to fix and repair online issues. They have gained a lot of notoriety, both good and bad while working with high profile people and businesses. They mostly take on clients who are going through some form of crisis, and that can leave them pretty polarizing in the eyes of the public.

As far as reputation management goes, how do they stack up against other leaders in the industry? Here’s a closer look at Black Cube, and then a comparison to one of the leaders in the industry based in the United States, yours truly The Reputation Management Company headquartered here in Lindon, Utah.

How Black Cube started

A pair of former is Israeli intelligence professionals, Avi Yanus and Dan Zorrella, launched Black Cube in 2010. They became focused on using the knowledge they picked up in previous jobs to provide a service in a growing industry. Not only were individuals and businesses looking for reputation management online, but information on the competition as well to gain any type of upper hand.

People don’t know too much about the company, but they can’t seem to stay out of the news. They’ve been outed several times, working with different clients trying to boost their reputation and possibly bring down others. Their shady tactics at times have become notorious, and that has led to some being skeptical about just how professional they are. If they can’t manage their reputation online which is becoming negative, how can they help others?

How they differ from standard reputation management companies

In Black Cube’s defense, it’s hard to directly compare them to a standard reputation management company. They take a more hands-on approach, pushing the envelope in a lot of ways to drive results. Some individuals and businesses like this about them, while others feel like it draws too much attention. In the industry, a lot of people try to keep the fact that they use a reputation management company hush-hush. Black Cube is in the news a lot, and a lot of people look at that as a huge negative when even considering working with them.

The aggressive nature of Black Cube rubs some people the wrong way, which is how controversy finds them in some cases. Many label them as pretty irresponsible in their lack of creativity when gathering information and helping their clients. Simple things like using similar names, using the same fake companies, and more make them look like they are not adequately run.

Part of the reason why they need to use these unconventional methods is that they take on a lot of clients that regular reputation management companies don’t. That’s not to say they don’t work with some of the same clients, but they focus more on some of the highest cases in the world. Digging up information on governments, prosecutors, celebrity court cases, and more is a challenging job.

Lack of transparency

Another difference with Black Cube is that they aren’t nearly as transparent as most reputation management companies. It’s easy for people to stop trusting them because of that. Those who spend money and hire the company need to hope that they deliver in a big way. A person won’t get the same type of updates, the same type of breakdown on where their money is going, and more.

This might not be as big of a deal for clients with huge amounts of money, but regular individuals and businesses looking for a reputation management company usually want to be in the know a little bit more. And allows them to see progress and grow as a business.

Does Black Cube push the limit too much?

No one knows for sure what the answer is to that. They are so secretive about what they do to help build up a solid reputation for their clients, and there is speculation that some of their practices are pushing boundaries and even breaking laws. The company itself is quick to deny any of those allegations, although there are plenty of controversies that have accused them of doing less than noble things.

Black Cube continues to stand out in the industry, but they cater to a certain type of client. Not only are their services very expensive, but some people just don’t need that level of management. For example, a local start-up shop won’t need thorough investigations done when they aren’t facing any type of trouble. They need standard services that they can rely on and see a difference.

The best way to describe Black Cube is more of a new-age version of detectives and private investigators, using the information to paint a better picture for their clients. Just like people in those industries have bent the rules a bit in the past, Black Cube tends to get creative as well. They have been outed and linked too many times to some less-than-stellar work in the past to deny it.

How The Reputation Management Company stacks up

For an alternative solution, there are several options out there for people to consider. All a person has to do is a simple search for reputation management companies, and quite a few options show up. One that has continually stood out is our team of reputation repair experts. Our United States-based reputation repair and protection company has many solutions for any situation.

What makes stand out?

The one major thing that focuses on is full customization for each client. A lot of more prominent companies are trying to streamline everything and make it as easy as possible for them. While it saves them time and money, every single person and business needs different help with their online reputation.

From a start-up trying to grow to an established company going through a crisis, there are so many different solutions to pursue. The company has experts in just about every field, so it’s easy to work with someone who knows exactly what needs done.

How Our process works

The process with The Reputation Management Company for a lot of initial work is very similar to other options out there, including Black Cube. What many people feel like they provide is a much more open dialogue that many appreciate.

We initially review each client they are working with, so they can provide an initial assessment. This is to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and a plan can be put into place. Without a plan, it’s hard to judge results in a normal span of time.

As a leading brand and online reputation management company we treat every client like they are 100% committed to working with the company. A person is under no obligation to stick with us after the initial review, but we still provide some of the most detailed reviews available. Spending an extra bit of time in hopes that more people will go ahead and use our services after they see the high level of detail and expertise we provide.

After our company provides a detailed review and assessment, it’s time to get to work. There is never an exact set time when it comes to results on the Internet, as things are always evolving throughout time. However, The Reputation Management Company pours in all its resources with every client so that we can focus on fast results.

We offer many types of reputation management services, which is nice for people who want a true one-stop-shop. If a crisis ever pops up, we can handle it whether you’re a celebrity or small business or even lesser known individual. If some strategies need shifting for marketing purposes, we can handle it.

During the process, customers will receive:

  • Consistent updates
  • Detailed reports
  • Conference calls with the team and KPI integration overviews

As our clients see it, “ provides some of the best, in-depth updates for their clients every week. This allows a person to see exactly what they are putting their money towards and if it’s paying off.”

Clients are always informed that there will be significant movement at times, and a lack of movement seemingly at other times. This has more to do with just how the industry works as a whole. No one should ever feel alarmed because past results speak for themselves. Put, they know what they are doing, even if there are some lulls along the way.

Comparisons to the competition

Every person and business has some competition online. Otherwise, there would not be a focus on maintaining a positive reputation. Not only are updates provided on work being done for a client, but competition monitoring as well.

Anyone in business needs to be aware of their competition. If they are making serious moves, it’s better to be proactive about it than to just hope for the best. If there is some sudden movement from the competition, it might be a sign that more work needs to be done to keep up or surpass their efforts.

Major breakthroughs

A lot of companies promise that they can get bad results eliminated from the Internet, but rarely is that the case. Most of the time, it’s about suppressing the bad results and pushing them down, so that very few people see them.

However, there are certain situations where false information is removable. If that is the case, will explore every avenue possible. If there is a breakthrough, a client is instantly informed about what happened.

Base in the United States

The world is as global as ever, but a lot of people in the United States still prefer working with people in the country. It makes sense in a lot of ways to go with a reputation management company that knows the country extremely well.

Based in Utah, can focus on not only standard reputation management, but very local results as well. This comes in handy for clients such as doctors, lawyers, and local businessmen. They might not care that much about their results when searched in other parts of the country, but they want the proper reputation locally.

Working with a company based in the United States is also easier to communicate with. It’s a challenge working with companies that are not on the same schedule. It takes longer to get answers if there are questions, and a lot of conversations must be made through email only. The reputation management company, they have a phone number, and email address, and even a physical address for those who live in Utah and want to visit the office.

Final recommendation

Our online reputation management practice here at stands out as one of the best Black Cube Israel reputation management alternatives out there right now. Clients, specifically in the United States, will benefit from having a company that cares about each client individually.

No one wants to be in a situation where they are paying a lot of money and not fully understanding where the money is going. They are one of the most transparent companies in the industry, and their customer service truly makes them second to none.

It’s also just a much more trusted company with less controversy surrounding them. A reputation management company should never have issues with reputation. When that is the case, that should perfectly illustrate their ability to do their job.

The Reputation Management Company can’t provide in-depth investigations that Black Cube can, but they are the better solution for pure online reputation management. Don’t be afraid to give them a try and see how they stack up. They always offer free consultations for anyone in need of their services.

Today as 2020 winds down we have not heard a lot out of Black Cube as coronavirus rages on and bad people like Harvey Weinstein are imprisoned for the rest of their natural life. That doesn’t mean there’s not a black ops job being done underneath your nose helping to suppress, stop, or remove unwanted press stories.

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