My Nile Story 1 Star Review
  • 12
  • November Delete Fake Reviews and Webpage For Your Company

We provide a service to help companies and individuals who have fake and defamatory reviews online. My Nile Story is a site where we can help you delete unwanted search results, web pages, and reviews that you want to delete on Currently there are over 82,929 reviews posted on the website and it’s growing exponentially. If you have a review you […]

SERP analysis
  • 11
  • November

How SERP Analysis Can Help in Optimizing Your Reputation

Considering Google has the answers to 99% of our search queries, today’s consumers inform themselves and make decisions with more extensive background research and information processes than ever before.  If the internet is the first place, a potential client will look when they attempt to get to know your business, managing and optimizing your company’s online reputation naturally soars to the top […]

GRC Reputation Management and How To Protect Your Brand
  • 10
  • November

GRC Reputation Management and How To Protect Your Brand

GRC (governance, risk management, and compliance) refers to a management system that integrates a number of critical capabilities that allows a company or organization to correct errors, address any uncertainties, and achieve set objectives. With proper GRC in place, organizations are also expected to act with integrity. The aim of GRC is to enable an organization to develop best business practices and […]