Is Reputation Defender Legit with 1 star reviews
  • 25
  • January

How Much Does Reputation Defender Cost?

Before you purchase a cleanup service it’s important to find out if “is Reputation Defender legit?” The short form answer is yes they are a real company that was venture backed by Silicon Valley. The negative is that it was started by Michael Fertik and they were not search repair experts and had a lot of fumbles. In the end the company […]

Ripoff report
  • 01
  • August

The Reputation Management Company Fights Ripoff Report

The Reputation Management Company introduces their newest offering to companies fighting negative reviews. They’ve taken on Ripoff Report. Ripoff Report allows everyday consumers to publish their opinions on businesses and individuals they’ve come in contact with. On their website they admit that while they encourage individuals to only write honest reviews, they do not guarantee their authenticity. Once a review is up, […]

  • 29
  • July

Benefits of Having a Good Online Reputation

Why you should care about having a good reputation Today, first impressions are made online. Whether one is going on a date, job interview, or contemplating hiring your company they’re going to go straight to Google before even setting a foot in front of you. That is why your online reputation is so important. Consumers don’t have time to call and meet […]