Reputation management googled on a computer
  • 21
  • October

What Is Reputation Management?

We now live in a technology-driven world where social media is King (almost). Consequently, everyone is now a personal brand and reputations spread worldwide with the click of a mouse. It is, therefore, important to have a clear understanding of reputation management, what it is and how it will affect your life and career in the long run. Below, we take a […]

Bad online content
  • 04
  • June

How to Delete Something Bad Online

There are only a few ways to delete yourself from the internet. Trying to UN-Google yourself is a very laborious task but lucky for you the staff here at The Reputation Management Company are specialists in helping out for situations just like this. If you have information that you would not like to have shared online such as your personal email address, […]

Is Reputation Defender Legit with 1 star reviews
  • 25
  • January

How Much Does Reputation Defender Cost?

Before you purchase a cleanup service it’s important to find out if “is Reputation Defender legit?” The short form answer is yes they are a real company that was venture backed by Silicon Valley. The negative is that it was started by Michael Fertik and they were not search repair experts and had a lot of fumbles. In the end the company […]