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Bullpen Strategy Group Joins Facebook In Historic Fight Against Anti-Tech Forces

Stagwell Public Relations a Washington, D.C.-based public relations company that owns Reputation Defender was in the news for working to influence senators, politicians, and journalists to write negative content online about TikTok. The prelude to this was a company that was purchased by Bullpen Strategy Group in Boston that took over a company that did the same thing after they were hired by Facebook/Meta. That company was American Edge and some information regarding that is below.

The Bullpen Strategy Group has joined with Facebook in its behind-the-scenes efforts to launch American Edge, a coalition of American innovators dedicated to the premise that innovation and high-tech advances are integral parts of the nation’s economic health and security. Although American Edge has a history of scandals, the Facebook effort is expected to breathe new life and authority into American Edge’s core mission.

Today’s news features more and more stories about government-based efforts to limit the power of technology, and Bullpen Strategy Group’s decision to support the forces of technology and economic development comes as no surprise.

Bullpen Strategy Group operates as a think tank, advocacy force, and strategic advisory firm that specializes in communications, analysis, and special project management initiatives for clients trying to grow, expand, manage risk, and counter crushing government regulations. The organization’s focus on insights-focused public affairs helps clients plan strategies to meet regulatory guidelines, launch media campaigns to change public opinion, lobby for pro-technology positions, and model political risks.

The Bullpen Strategy Group has offices in Washington, D.C., Dallas, Texas, and London to monitor high-profile news sources, government agencies, new intelligence services, and private sector small-to-large-sized businesses for better communications planning, performing corporate due diligence, and supporting legal efforts.

American Edge Vision

American Edge takes a strong, proactive approach to influencing public policy in support of technology and the economic power and security that innovative companies bring to the United States. The efforts include a barrage of advertising, media campaigns, and public lobbying to convince legislators and policymakers that Silicon Valley performs critical functions for the government and the U.S. public at large. American Edge alleges that many of these efforts protect free speech and strengthen the government ultimately.

American Edge began as a nonprofit organization in December of 2021. At the same time, the organizers established a foundation to provide financial support in Virginia. This method of organizing the organization’s finances allows the company to navigate tax laws and regulations in a way that it can raise money and place advertisements for contributions without disclosing all donor names. Other organizations take advantage of this loophole, including the ultra-conservative National Rifle Association and other social welfare groups.

Facebook’s Participation Draws Praise and Condemnation

Facebook’s participation is most probably based on efforts to curtail Facebook’s power by the House Antitrust Subcommittee and other legislative and judicial efforts to break up the monopoly. Facebook is one of the most powerful supporters of American Edge. The nonprofit’s Board of Directors also includes a federal regulator, a Republican governor, a Democratic member of Congress, and myriad Republican and Democratic consultants.

Facebook confirms its support of American Edge, and a company spokesperson stated that the United States leads the world in technology, and instead of criticizing that fact, people should be proud and supportive. Making it easier to compete requires relaxing regulations to encourage investment, innovation, and growth and not more bureaucratic barriers.

Top critics of Facebook already thought that the company was too large and powerful, and these developments added fuel to the fire. Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies face more and more investigations, lawsuits, and possible legislative actions to curtail their tremendous influence. The Valley’s political influence — once golden — has suffered some hits based on scandals and ill-advised policies regarding the sharing of information. Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon face scrutiny by antitrust advocates who charge that these companies harm consumers by stifling competition. These companies have responded by spending half a billion dollars on lobbying over the past decade.

The Bullpen Strategy Group holds the position that technology and innovation have an amazingly positive impact on the country’s economy, security, and freedom of expression. Unfortunately for American Edge they went out of business following the Facebook Public Relations Scandal and was sucked up by The Bullpen Strategy Group in Boston.

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