My Nile Story 1 Star Review
  • 12
  • November Delete Fake Reviews and Webpage For Your Company

We provide a service to help companies and individuals who have fake and defamatory reviews online. My Nile Story is a site where we can help you delete unwanted search results, web pages, and reviews that you want to delete on Currently there are over 82,929 reviews posted on the website and it’s growing exponentially. If you have a review you […]

How to fix a Brand image
  • 09
  • July

Repair Bad Brand Image Online

A Brand Defender is such a profession that has morphed into a digitally focused job over the last decade. In todays world of social media and cancel culture running wild it only takes one bad employee or wrong PR move to morph you from liked to hated. Sometimes its politically motivated, sometimes it’s warranted, and sometimes its completely beyond your control but […]

  • 08
  • April

How to Get Rid of a Bad Review on Google My Business

Google My Business reviews hold a lot of power. They can either make or break your business. Unfortunately, some people leave bad reviews, and worse, even some publish fake ones that can ultimately compromise your online reputation. But what if there were a way to do something about it? Google My Business reviews are like the coffee shop gossip of the internet. […]