news sites we can help get positive press on
  • 09
  • September

News Sites We can Help You Get Positive Coverage On

While we help with removing unwanted content and negative search results online, we can also help clients with positive content and get you featured on numerous websites. Below is a list of local news sites that we can help get our clients featured on. Our bigger public relations promotion list includes top tier news sites like The New York Post, Chicago Tribune, […]

Pat Kingsley Public Relations Expert
  • 09
  • June

Publicist Pat Kingsley & The Story Of Her PR Company

The Hollywood who’s who when they needed a fix back in the 80s and 90s they called a wizard. Her name was Pat Kingsley and she is the driving force behind Rogers & Cowan PMK, Hollywood’s largest public relations firm. In place of the fixes that Pat did in the traditional PR world are now being transformed by the type of work […] public relations services
  • 08
  • June Reputation Management: 3 Ways A Public Relations Service Can Improve Reputation For Your Search Engine Results

In a world where access to information is easy as rolling off a log, most people have learned to be wary of what they find online in the popular South Korean search engine The internet is filled with spams, scams, and shams masquerading as legitimate options. Search engines are no different. Search engines are running businesses that rely on the legitimacy […]