• 01
  • February

How And Why You Should Set Up Google Alerts For Your Business

Google alerts may be set up quickly and easily by any individual or organization. It’s one of several free and useful online tools the digital giant provides to everyone who visits the site.  It’s simple to set up alerts to monitor your online presence and keep an eye on the subjects, search phrases, and inquiries that are most relevant to you and […]

Comparably.com Review Management and Fixing Service
  • 09
  • October

Fixing Comparably.com Ratings

Comparably.com is the first startup to compete against the well known Glassdoor.com website. Sometimes incorrect reviews and information may pop up about your company on Comparably and it’s a growing place for future employees to visit and see what working at your corporation is like. We Can Help Improve Your Online HR Issues As an obvious HR issue and nightmare, we can […]

slander tech being removed
  • 11
  • June

Slander Tech Removal Services

Have you been defamed online and are looking for our proprietary Slander Tech Removal services? If so you’ve come to the right place. What we do is we have software that will scan the internet to find all the negatives that are online for you or your brand. Our sentiment generator shows what results are positive, neutral, and negative. From there we […]