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Updated November 10, 2020 — Your online reputation is important. It can make or break your business. If you have seen an unfair complaint, do not hesitate to take action.

Table of Contents:

  1. Can remove complaints for your business?
  2. How to contact the poster of the online complaint?
  3. Lessons in how to respond to the complaint.
  4. How to use reputation management services to deal with negatives online.
  5. Benefits of working with an attorney for removals.

Can remove complaints About Your Business?

If you have a problem with, there is something you need to know. Complaints board will not remove complaints unless you have gone through us as the broker to delete it for you. There is a process that needs to be followed for removal and it is based on numerous variables that determine the price.

If the complaint does not involve threats or other illegal activity, avoid hiring an attorney as the law firm will charge you an arm and a leg and this time-consuming approach will not bring results.

Contact The Poster Who Made the Complaint

You have the option of contacting the person who posted the complaint but the website will not be held liable due to the communications decency act and then you won’t be able to get it deleted. In some cases, this can be an easy solution with a website has a policy of removing and editing prior posts. Perhaps the complaint was legitimate but minor, or perhaps the poster was only having a bad day and most sites and forums you can fix but not which is hosted and ran overseas in Europe.

If you take this approach, be polite and respectful. You should not accuse the poster of lying about you or your business, and you definitely should keep your vocabulary clean. Even if you are worried or angry, do not resort to insults or other personal attacks.

Depending on the circumstances and the website where the complaint is, the poster may agree to remove his post. The entire problem can be resolved without difficulty or hurt feelings.

Should You Respond To Online Complaints?

The usual approach is to respond directly to the complaint. In the case of complaints board. This may or may not work out in your favor. The fastest approach is getting us to delete the post for you so it’s permanently gone, guaranteed to never return, and removed from Google and all of the other search engines.

If you are considering this approach, keep in mind your response is visible to everybody. If your response is overly negative or hostile, it will reflect poorly on you and your business.

Instead, simply state the facts. If the complaint is invalid or untrue, you want the poster and others who read the review to know the facts.

However, there can be disadvantages to this approach. First, the poster may not see your response. A second possibility is he may use your response to start an argument. You may end up in the position of defending yourself, your business, and the facts. In some cases, this can become quite ugly.

What About Reputation Management Services?

Often, the best way to deal with negative complaints is to contract our reputation management company. When you choose our experienced company, we can take care of the problem for you.

In addition to removing complaints from, we can provide other useful online reputation services. We can oversee your online reputation on similar sites, too and get removals done at a reasonable cost.

Should You Contact An Attorney For Crisis Management Solutions?

It can be expensive and time-consuming to hire a lawyer and it’s good to consult with an expert or your general counsel which we will be glad to speak with. You may not have the results you want. An attorney should only be the last resort if the problem is extremely serious. For general complaints, legal assistance is unnecessary.

If you want to contact Directly via Phone call 888-501-1288 and we will help you with your needs for fixing and removing unwanted posts from their site.

Why Must Complaints Be Removed?

When you have a business, it is essential to take your online reputation seriously. Even the most minor complaints can cause a considerable amount of damage.

First, your online reputation says a lot about your business. If complaints are untrue, it makes your business look bad. When individuals who want to learn more about your company read these complaints, they may believe the reviews and choose a different company instead. You can lose customers or clients when bad reviews are easily seen on

Second, your online reputation says a lot about you. At its worst, a complaint can make you appear dishonest, untrustworthy, and as if you have a poor character. These are not the kinds of reviews you want people to see, especially if the complaints are invalid.

For both of these reasons, it is unwise to assume few people will read complaints. They should be removed as soon as possible. Your personal reputation, as well as the reputation of your company, is at stake.

Why Do-It-Yourself Is Not The Best Approach

There can be drawbacks to addressing complaints on your own. The poster may be difficult to deal with, and not cooperate with your requests to remove the offensive material. If you post on the site, arguments can occur in full view of everyone who reads the interactions.

Even if you succeed with one of these methods, it is time-consuming and stressful. You do not have any assurance that the poster will not post similar complaints on another website. While you can sign up for Google alerts, monitoring these alerts can also take a considerable amount of time.

In contrast, an experienced reputation management company can handle these issues. Instead of checking websites every day, and worrying about new complaints in the future, you can focus on doing your job.

When you choose a company that is experienced in all aspects of reputation management, all of the work will be done for you. It is definitely the best way to stay ahead of individuals who want to make negative remarks about you and your company.

When your question is “Will remove complaint?” the answer is no if you go at it by yourself but if you use us as your vendor then the answer is yes! Unless you need to seek legal advice and obtain a court order, you should not waste time on this approach. The smartest move you can make is to contact our reputation management company immediately. We will know what needs to be done, and will do it for you. You can have peace of mind knowing customers and clients will not see bad reviews.

If you have an issue and you want help in deleting it our online reputation management company will guide you through the deletion process.

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