Customer F.A.Q.

How Long Will It Take To Repair My Reputation?

There is no magic fix that will fix every company.  Everyone has unique problems so we believe in giving clients unique solutions.  Contact your account manager or sales representative to get a personalized quote on how long the process will take to improve your reputation.

When Will I Start To See Results On My Campaign?

You should start seeing results within the first couple of weeks.  Depending on what your campaign involves, our team of dedicated specialists can begin to suppress negative articles in a short amount of time.  If your campaign involves something more specialized then results can take time while we help reprogram the search engine algorithms in your favor.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions About My Campaign?

The best person to contact about your campaign is your Account Manager.  They can usually be reached by emailing [email protected].  Another good resource is your Sales Representative.  They can usually get you in contact with your Account Manager.  They can be reached by emailing [email protected].

I Have Content I would Like Published, How Do I Do That?

You can submit your content to the Content Submission Form found on the Customer Resource Center.  This will be sent to our team of writers that they will mold into something we can use for your campaign.  As long as this content falls into the scope of your contract, we are happy to help publish it for you!

I Found More Work I Need Done That Is Not Listed In My Contract, What Do I Do?

Contact your Account Manager or Sales Representative and they will create a personalized quote for your problem!  New articles and reviews are being written constantly and we know that sometimes new headaches pop up that need to be addressed.

My Campaign Has Ended And I Am Seeing Negatives Return, Why?

Reputation Management is a lot like bodybuilding.  If you stop working out then the fat will return.  It requires consistency in order to maintain your form.  The same can be said about your online reputation.  It requires consistency in order to maintain the positive results we can provide for you.

I Also Have Negative Press In Different Countries, Can You Help Me?

Yes!  We provide reputation management all across the world.  We have a robust team of writers, web-designers, translators, and content creators who can work in many different languages.  If you have an international problem contact your Sales Representative and they will help you create a plan.

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