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Facebook Wouldn’t Remove a Page About a Womans Ass but We Can Help Her – Learn How People Can Use A Reputation Management Firm To Remove Embarrassing Posts On The Internet

In today’s world, you will hardly find anyone or business without an online presence, even the tiniest bit. However, not all content that is found online is good. If anything, a business competitor or individual who has a grudge against you can decide and post something defamatory about you or your business online.

A recent article sprouted up about a woman who was 15 years old when a satirical Facebook page was created about her butthole. Now 8 years later she’s a professional and this Facebook page is hurting her image. The issue is however that Facebook won’t remove it and now she’s trying to figure out what to do about it according to this recent The Next Web Article about the reputation ordeal she’s dealing with.

“Samantha Rae Anna Jespersen’s Butthole”

That’s the title of the page and Facebook’s algorithms are automatically responding with denials to remove the 7 year old page. That’s until Reddit got involved and now the media and our staff is helping to look further into the situation here.

Facebook page about a woman's butt

Now, the tricky part is how you can remove defamatory or negative content from the internet. Here’s where reputation firms come into play.

  1. What is a Reputation Firm
    A reputation management firm generally works to provide you with solutions that protect, defend, and promote a positive online reputation for your business. Many people have had negative comments written and posted about them without even knowing it until it’s too late.
  2. Can Google Help?
    Many businesses alike have spent a lot of money in an attempt to remove negative content from Google and other sites. Generally, it’s not easy to remove negative content once it gets online. In fact, there are instances where Google won’t remove.
    On most occasions, Google won’t help, especially if it feels that the content, in no way, exposes you to financial harm, identity theft, and other types of injury.
    Here are a few instances where Google would consider removing content from its search database:
    • Personal information
    • Bank account and credit card numbers
    • Social security numbers
    • Confidential or personal medical records
    • Nude or sexually explicit images
    • Photos of signatures
    Other than these few instances, it is incredibly difficult for Google or other websites to remove content online. Note, however, that it’s not impossible for a reputation firm to take down the content.
  3. Full Legal Takedown Procedures
    Online reputation management takes a lot of time, effort, and SEO expertise. Most firms use legal scare tactics to get websites to take down harmful content from their pages. However, this strategy is hardly ever useful, especially against major news outlets and other syndicated networks.
  4. The Reputation Management Process
    If you fall victim to internet defamation or slander, you can fight back. It doesn’t have to remain online forever and possibly end up damaging your personal life or business. Here’s how a reputation management firm can help you fight back:
    • Create a positive online identity
    • Protect your privacy
    • Optimize positive web content
    • Remove negative online search results
    • Defend against competitor’s smear campaigns
    Bottom Line
    Online reputation management firms can help to promote a positive online image for you and your company online while suppressing defamatory comments as well. You no longer need to suffer damages that result from negative content posted online. Let a good reputation firm help.

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