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Farsight Brand Protection: Brand And Reputation Protection Services

Do you want to protect your brand from infringements? The chances are that, at one time, most brands have encountered a potential threat. In such instances, companies like Ours & cyber security firms like Farsight can help you with brand protection that will come in handy.

Building a brand is not an easy task, and it might take you ages. Sad enough, it will take a negative reputation or an online infringement to lose all the fame. With that, it means the financial and marketability aspects of your business will suffer.

Well, all is not lost. Let’s delve into this article and look at the brand and reputation protection services from Farsight Security.

General Brand Research

Every business with an online presence requires in-depth brand research to uncover the brand’s health. Threats out there are many, and the first step to identifying them is through research. With relevant data from research, processing, and analysis, then follows to get more details.

During the research, there are multiple methodologies and software used to ensure the search guarantees the right results. We have the most comprehensive database of passive DNS record information that guarantees perfect research.

Doing some extensive research helps to reduce the vulnerability of your brand because you’ll know the potential warnings and all the early threats targeted to you. With such details, it is easy to intervene, saving your brand reputation.

Online Brand Monitoring

Anybody can talk about your brand. To some extent, people no longer value consumer law, and they’ll do all they want. That has left many brands struggling to make an extra sales. Most often, brands will not know what’s happening behind the scenes. The reality is that unauthorized usage has become rampant, and it now requires attention like never before.

As part of Farsight brand protection, our team applies actionable intelligence to secure your brand from infringers. We’re now able to monitor every brand in real-time and check not only the brand mentions but also the illegal and infringing threats.

Being on the lookout ensures that your brand has no counterfeits. Exploitation and counterfeits affect every brand’s reputation. With monitoring, your brand will not suffer from any breach.

What Do Brand Protection Services Do?

Your brand is a valuable asset, and it requires protection. Customers prefer products and services from secure, known, and positively reputed brands. With multiple businesses having an online presence, failure to consider protection services will, most often, damage your business reputation.
Every brand requires security measures to ensure it operates with ease. In the marketplace where laws seem not to work, infringers like copyright pirates and counterfeits cons are doing everything they can to profit from your work. Brand protection, especially on brand trademark, copyrights, and patents, is now not an option.

Our brand and reputation protection services go very deep to help you, we detect, research, monitor, and protect your cyber presence and brand to the maximum. People out there want to set up fake websites, impersonate your brand on social media platforms, and engage in patent thievery. We can delete, remove, and erase unwanted content from the internet with our reputation management services that are top rated in the ORM industry.
With multiple strategies, like registering intellectual property, facilitating non-disclosure agreements, and using very effective searchable database and discovery methods, we guarantee protection.

Our database with real-time passive DNS data will capture every detail to ensure you stay protected. With the capability to leverage more than 2 TB daily data, you get to enjoy a high-speed search.
We’re able to access the impersonating domains even at their early stages of registration, which is an advantage over most other discovery methods that will only access a domain 17 hours after registration.
Protecting your brand is the only way to avert brand abuse and exploitation. Besides, you’ll not lose your revenue in uncouth ways. At the same time, you get to protect your company’s value, reputation, and image.

Wide Range of Product Suite

Brand protection capabilities highly depend on the database software of choice. Farsight Security has invested in several databases to ensure every detail you need to know gets attention. Some of the databases include the Farsight Security’s DNSDB®, Farsight’s NOD, Farsight’s Newly Observed Hostnames (NOH), DNS Changes, and DNS Errors.
Farsight Security’s DNSDB®: This world’s most extensive DNS intelligence solution gives unique, fact-based, and detailed security information. With the capability to correct verified data globally, a lot comes into realization.
Farsight’s NOD: It offers threat protection from other domains. Some domains are for criminal activities. The database reveals crucial information, and these domains get blocked until they are analyzed.
Farsight’s Newly Observed Hostnames (NOH): The database detects impersonation. After discovery, identification, and monitoring, it is easy to identify the malware.
DNS Changes and DNS Errors: Since criminals try to change the DNS. The DNS changes show when the site is at risk. DNS Errors allow for fast access to accurate data.

Whether you are a product innovator, design enthusiast, brand value investor, or any service provider at risk of brand infringement, then you need protection. People infringing your brand will cause harm to your brand image and reputation. With the Farsight brand protection services explained above, you’ll keep your brand prominent and exploitation free.

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