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Banking does not have to be a hassle. However, for many people, the banking experience is often far from perfect. Commonly cited reasons for a bad banking experience include painfully slow queues at teller counters, seemingly indifferent customer care staff and branch management, and long wait time at reception desks. These are just a few of the issues that trigger negative reviews from customers.

Your business can suffer blows to its public image because of negative reviews spewed all over the internet. Negative reviews about many banks listed on make it is easy for prospective customers to rethink their decision to conduct business with poorly reviewed banks. This means that negative content will surely hurt your business.

To help businesses clean negative online content, The Reputation Management Company (TRMC) offers professional and affordable digital marketing, online reputation management (ORM), and SEO services to its diverse clients. The company’s areas of specialization include correcting:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Negative reviews
  • Lies and slander
  • Corporate defamation
  • Mugshot site listing
  • Cheater site listing, and
  • Complaint boards

Online Reputation Management

Fix negative reviews
Fix negative reviews

Admittedly, reviews – whether negative or positive – are important to businesses by way of allowing them to assess their weakness and strengths. Positive reviews will likely direct traffic to your business while negative reviews can provide you with insights into your performance and advice much needed change.

TRMC understands that negative reviews may persist on a rating website of’s caliber long after your business has dealt with the problem leading to negative reviews. Moreover, a client can review you negatively without understanding your business model (in the event that their expectations are incompatible with your business model).

With such issues in mind, TRMC’s online reputation management service involves working with rating and review site owners to delete negative content. This deletion does not only remove such content from websites but also from search engines. Even so, there are websites that may refuse to cooperate with TRMC to remove unwanted content. In this case, TRMC can negotiate suppression of such content through de-indexing that content, thus preventing it from appearing on a search engine’s main page.

Brand Management

TRMC boasts of wide access to some of the most respected journalists across a diverse range of industries. Because of this, the company enjoys an influence on important actors in the television and radio niches of mass media. With that influence and access, TRMC is able to position its clients favorably on media outlets where they can capture the attention of the right people. employs a cumulative bank quality score system that combines reviews, technological capacity, hours of operation, and location availability to determine the overall rating. Based on this system, a bank like Chase Bank scores 5.2/10 due to relatively higher location availability and average rating scores. In comparison, Municipal Credit Union scores 1.7/10 overall because of a significantly low average rating from customer reviews.

Examples of States and banks reviews:

  • Utah: Zion’s Bank – 10/10
  • California: First Republic Bank – 5.5-10
  • New York: Apple Bank for Savings – 1/10
  • Ohio: Huntington Bank – 3.4/10
  • Florida: SunTrust Bank – 2.2/10

Rather than having rating and review websites determine how good your business is in terms of technology-forwardness and availability, you can choose to take control of your online presence through strategic branding. TRMC will assist you to design and implement a marketing strategy that identifies you in a positive light and suppresses unwanted content. This will include press releases, editorials, optimization for web, video campaigns, and publishing on third party websites.

Review Management

Review Management saves you money
Review Management saves you money

Included in TRMC’s services is PULSE, a review management system, that allows customers to write reviews and affected companies to respond. Unlike, the PULSE review platform allows businesses to see reviews from a centralized dashboard and target problems accordingly. This is particularly important considering the extent to which reviews are strewn all over the internet.

A rating and review platform as organized as PULSE will increase the visibility of reviews, making it easier for customers to have their concerns heard and addressed. Moreover, the ability of companies through representatives to act on issues raised by customers allows them to amplify their positive online reviews and increase customer satisfaction.

TRMC’s services intended to fix negative reviews on are guaranteed to yield high returns with little risk. Being a globally recognized brand supported by a team of experts in digital marketing, ORM, and SEO, the company promises highly professional and affordable services to meet individual, business, and enterprise needs.

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