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Help! Someone’s Slandering My Name!

Being slandered is no fun. Getting slandered online is even worse. For starters, the Internet is far more expansive in its reach than the rumor mill in your immediate vicinity or location. As far as the Internet is concerned, if the reality that you are facing personally or professionally is someone slandering your name, then chances are you will need the services of a reputation repair company to help you transform the negative reality into a positive one.

Below, we take a closer look at just how you can do that.

Someone Slandering My Name Online: How Can I Fix It?

As indicated prior, being slandered is far from ideal. However, the same can be fixed with the right resources and steps, starting with understanding how information spreads online. In the digital media space, content sources like photos, videos, text articles, and more are central to all the information that is shared and consumed. As such, the secret to ensuring that favorable information is shared or presented is to ensure that a variety of content sources communicate the same often and in larger volumes than any contrary messaging.

Admittedly, replacing negative information content sources with positive ones is a needed step, but one that is easier said than done. The truth is, in order to engage in reputation clean-up and brand management activities, it is important to have the time and money to get the right information and content in the right places. This may prove to be a difficult undertaking for the individual or company in question. This is where the services of a professional organization may be required.

Slander of ones name on the internet

Hiring the Professionals to Stop Someone Slandering My name

Understanding the need to hire professionals and hiring the right organization are not one and the same. The truth is, there are many organizations and individuals that may be presented as great options for the unsuspecting buyer. It is important to remember that all these organizations are not created equal, and due diligence is required.

1) Reputation Matters – Much like the client seeking help, the reputation of the organization is a factor in deciding to work with them or not. Generally, reputable organizations have a track record of success that speaks positively on behalf of their services. This feature should be considered by the service seeker. Said track record is best verified through the use of independent, third-party reviews and testimonials. These can help go a long way in establishing a good reputation through recommendations.

2) A Clear Offering – It is one thing for an organization to declare that they can help improve its reputation online. It is quite another to demonstrate this. Reputable reputation management organizations have a clear offering of their services, including the steps that will be taken to secure a successful outcome. In some instances, the frequency and extent of individual steps taken are organized across service packages.

3) Satisfaction Guaranteed – While it is arguable that a specific measure of success cannot be guaranteed, some success can be assured. For example, the guarantee of searching for and removing otherwise negative information is a service that can be offered with some measure of guarantee. Content creation designed to replace slander with positive information is another such service.

4) Customer Service – Finally, reputable reputation management organizations are customer-focused (even while promoting their services). Such organizations are aware that each client and their respective situations may prove to be unique and consequently require a tailormade approach. As such, there is room for consulting with clients and providing appropriate solutions to ensure their good reputation is restored.

5) The Final Step – Once the above variables are used to compare options and separate the high-quality reputation management companies from the rest, the next step is to consider prices and budget in light of the extent of the damage being repaired. After all, as stated prior, time and money are factors to consider in getting the job done. The more cleaning up that needs to happen, the more money may be required to expand or maximize the reach of the services. Also, said services may need to be employed over a given period of time. The same should be a mutual agreement between the client and the service provider.

All things considered, finding the right company is at the prospective client\’s fingertips thanks to the Internet. Reputation Management companies can be found easily online. This is true as the digital space is their domain of operation. A simple web search is a quick way to bring up a wide range of options available locally and beyond, and the variables mentioned in this article can be used to make a selection,

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