Does Autocomplete Affect your Business
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How Does Autocomplete Affect your Business

You may be aware that search engine optimization (SEO) efficiency can impact where your business shows up on search engine result pages. Optimizing your SEO performance can lead to significantly greater exposure for your business, leading to increased sales. 

However, did you know that SEO optimization is just one piece of the digital puzzle? If you’re concerned about driving customers to your business, mastering autocomplete is absolutely crucial to your company’s reputation management. Learn more about this tool and how services like those from The Reputation Management Company can help. 

What Is Autocomplete?

This software attempts to predict what users are trying to search on Google. So, for example, if a user types in your business name, the software may prompt them with possible phrases related to your company name. 

Google’s autocomplete function is a double-edged sword. By predicting what you’ll type next, Google saves users from having to type an essay’s worth of words daily! That alone should rank it as one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. Curating autocomplete search terms that follow your business’s name can lead to an explosion.

Fortunately, mastering autocomplete isn’t a task that you have to undertake on your own. Hiring an experienced team like The Reputation Management Company can bolster your company’s auto-complete search results. 

The Case for Autocomplete Removal

The sad reality is you can’t control what other people put on the internet. 

If you Google your name or your business’s name and see words appearing in the search bar like a scam, avoid, or complaints, then you can rest assured that your business is in for some serious headwinds. By driving away potential customers, negative online reviews could cost your business thousands of dollars if not more in lost sales.

Unfortunately, dissatisfied customers can be far more vocal than satisfied ones. While the vast majority of your customers might be pleased as punch with your product or service, a small handful of miscreants can effectively ruin your online reputation

Fortunately, savvy online reputation management services exist that can ethically work within the framework of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other popular search engines. Through autocomplete removal services, they can make those nasty autocomplete search terms disappear.

How Good Autocompletes Can Drive Sales

A picture of a graph to help show how a good autocomplete can help improve salesautocomplete gets rid of the bad terms. Reputation management it’s not just about getting rid of the bad image. It’s about improving your image and making a good impression. When you have top autocomplete removal services, users make predictions. 

Here’s how autocomplete removal services that encourage better search terms can help your business:

Reduce Search Time

In the modern age, no one wants to wait. With so much information readily available at the average person’s fingertips, why would they spend a second longer than absolutely necessary researching a business’s offerings? The internet has placed businesses in a cut-throat competition to offer potential consumers easy access to vital information.

A business’s web presence is aligned with the marketplace’s needs and gains substantial benefits. For example, if you own a restaurant and offer a delivery service, it’s important that your customers can easily learn about this service. If a hungry customer Googles your restaurant’s name and delivery doesn’t show up in the autocomplete section, they might assume you don’t offer a food delivery service. Two potential consequences are choosing a direct competitor to deliver food or make meals at home.

Enhance User Experience

How a customer feels about a business can determine not only a one-time purchase but all of their future interactions with that business. Customer churn can be incredibly damaging to a business’s bottom line, and businesses have long since taken note. By ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, businesses reduce friction and set themselves up for success by increasing the total dollar amount an individual will spend throughout their relationship with the business.

Customer satisfaction is multifaceted, so The Reputation Management Company must cover many different services. When you think of ensuring a positive customer experience, you may think of interactions with public-facing employees, your business’s website layout, and the quality of the product or service you sell.

However, did you know that a relevant and useful set of autocomplete search terms can play into a customer’s overall perception of your business through reputation management? When a customer searches for your business and is presented with a list of helpful and relevant autocomplete terms, they’re going to walk away from that experience with a positive image of your brand, which in turn can lead to repeat purchases and excellent word of mouth and/or online reviews. The best advertising a business can receive is genuine reviews from happy customers.

Boost Your Reputation

Just as negative search terms such as ‘scandal’ or ‘scam’ can harm your business, so can positive autocomplete terms such as ‘quality’ or ‘charity drive’ enhance your business’s reputation. 

Highlighting your business’s ongoing contribution to a local charity or worthy cause is a positive piece of information you want your customers to know about. Autocomplete is a fantastic tool to get the word out. If your product or service is well-known for its efficacy or quality, that would be another search term that you would want to appear in your autocomplete search terms for your reputation management objectives.

Teach Potential Customers About Your Business

Customer education can be one of the most frustrating aspects of running a business. You could provide the best services in the world, but if no one knows about it, you aren’t making any sales. This can be frustrating when you add a new product or service to your existing business, but your reputation management isn’t where it should be.

Advertising and outreach are two vital pillars to any successfully run business. Autocomplete is a powerful tool that can provide prospective customers with relevant information they might not have even considered asking for. 

For example, a landscaping business that provides a weekly, low-cost grass-cutting service would want both of those services listed under their autocomplete search results. Anyone who searches for one will see both. Cross-selling is a powerful reputation management tool to increase revenue and consumer engagement with your business.

Use Website Analytics to Shape Your Autocomplete Terms

Optimizing your autocomplete search functions hinges on understanding what your customers are looking for. Fortunately, you have a powerful tool already at your disposal; your website’s analytics reports. By looking at which web pages your customers spend the most time on, you can make educated guesses about which areas of your business you should showcase in your autocomplete search functions.

A picture of Google Analytics

For example, if your customer support page is getting excessive attention, changing your autocomplete search terms to include the term ‘customer support page’ will enhance your customer experience by funneling them to where they need to be. If you offer a range of products or services on your website, but one outsells the others by a large margin, then it’s a no-brainer to ensure that that product or service is front and center when someone searches for your business’s name on Google.

Funnel People to Your Website

It may seem obvious, but your company is the number one website you want searchers to find when looking for your brand name. With the way, search engine algorithms work, your company will likely show near the top of the search results page. However, it’s also likely that review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, or personal review blogs will also feature nearby. While review websites can serve a valuable service by educating your customers on what your business has to offer, and providing unbiased feedback and experience, it’s vital that potential customers don’t get side-tracked. 

You want the customer journey to be as seamless as possible. Websites like Yelp represent bumps in the road that has the potential to deter your customer from making a purchase. You’re keeping your future customers on track by including autocomplete terms such as ‘business+website’ or ‘business+sales page.’

Why Hire a Professional for Autocomplete Removal Services

Mastering best practices for autocomplete removal isn’t a simple task. If your business suffers from negative autocompletes or a lack of positive terms, the last thing you want is a do-it-yourself job. Not only are you likely to deliver subpar results, but you will waste a significant amount of time.

The Reputation Management Company will impact your business’s growth and performance for years to come. The effects of autocomplete optimization are exponential.

Get in touch with The Reputation Management Company to see what they can do to optimize your business’s autocomplete suggestions.

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