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How Do Search Engines View Social Media?

It used to be that people signed up for social media accounts to share all their special moments and keep tabs on friends or family members. But in recent years, platforms have become a very valuable resource for businesses.  

When an entrepreneur or company obtains a strong social reach, they are opening many doors that all lead to organic traffic and increased sales. Regardless of the niche, social media can be an excellent tool for taking a business to the next level. 

How Important is Social Media to Search Engine Results?

Believe it or not, social media does reach search results and can be a powerful tool when used correctly. If you type a brand name into a search engine, chances are within the first items to pop up under that search will be the brand’s pages. 

It hasn’t been decided yet whether shares work the same way, but profiles can have a significant influence on the content you see when looking at search engine results. All social media outlets can be helpful when wanting to score a top position on the first page of the search.  

You can easily find top results from:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

The primary reason that social media pages rank higher than actual web pages is that they are more personal and typically share information that reflects current topics. You can also get a sense of a company’s intentions and personality by viewing its pages. 

How To Use Social Media To Improve Your Search Results 

The best way to benefit from social media from a business perspective is to have a few different pages on different platforms. You need to make sure your content is current and engaging to your targeted audience. 

Social media outlets can provide small or larger businesses with a broader audience. However, this only happens when the content is valuable to the people within your preferred demographics. 

When a business creates pages that are up to date and engaging, it helps benefit SEO. Everybody knows that a company’s success is based on how successful its SEO marketing plan is – and that includes Social SEO. 

Social Media Optimization

What is Social SEO, and How Does it Work? 

Social SEO is a real game-changer, and once a business masters it, they can benefit from more clicks, backlinks, leads, and much more. Social SEO is considered to be a tool that is used to boost your search visibility, and it can also increase your organic search ranking.

Keep in mind that social media itself does not necessarily have a direct impact on SEO. Still, it can help increase your visibility and provide more traffic based on social signals. 

What are social signals? 

Social Signals are the actions that people take on a regular basis, such as when they comment on something that has been posted or clicking like on a post. Sharing is another social signal that can contribute to brand exposure and awareness, but it’s not the sole factor. 

There are many vital components that will help a company rank higher and expand its current reach, but there isn’t one single task that will dominate the performance better than SEO. The main objective is to build trust among your valued community (social media platforms).

When people like your content and share your posts, you are essentially creating customer loyalty, even if that original person never buys any of your products or services. It’s the fact that when they share your content, you are reaching more potential leads that can turn into organic traffic.  

Why is Social Media Important in SEO? 

This is the most popular question you will find when it comes to using social media to gain better rankings in search engines. For example, Bing will rank a page with more shares higher than one with fewer shares. However, Google states it isn’t a ranking factor. 

Regardless of whether or not shares can increase your odds of getting a better position in search results doesn’t really matter if you are using SEO correctly. In reality, SEO is the backbone to just about everything, including social media marketing and strategies. 

There have been studies on millions of social media shares, and the end result concludes that social signals, such as shares, do lead to a better ranking position in search engine results. Whether or not this will be the case for all social networks, nobody can really say.

But if you look at the findings behind social media and search engine results, you will find a lot of correlations that lead us to believe that there is much more going on behind the scenes. Everything points to engagement, and that is where social media and SEO come into play. 

Top Reasons Social Media Works Brilliantly 

Social media and SEO should have a balanced relationship in your business to help boost your rankings organically. When you combine the perfect mix of social media and SEO, your business can flourish!

There are many ways that social media can provide opportunities in content marketing, including link building. You need high-quality backlinks to rank higher in Google and other search engines. But that isn’t the only reason social media is considered to be a hidden gem.  

Below are the top reasons you should be focusing on both, and you will quickly understand how important social media is to SEO.

  • Boosts Your Visibility 
  • Builds More Search Demand 
  • Helps Improve SEO Ranking Signals 
  • Drives More Organic Traffic 
  • Index’s Content Quicker with Posts 
  • Allows You to Research and Test Keywords
  • Improves SEO Content with Social Interaction Data
  • Can Provide Fresh Content Ideas 

Social SEOThe main goal is to increase your credibility and show your targeted audience that you are both trustworthy and an expert in your niche. There are millions of companies competing for customers on platforms every day. 

You always have to be one step ahead if you want to be successful, and the easiest way to do that is to show your existing audience how valuable your content, products, or services are to their life.  

Using platforms is ideal for boosting your rankings in search engines. You just need to give people something they want to talk about and share with family and friends. Once you have created a loyal fan base, you will see how easy it is to increase your status via search engines. 

Note: If you’re not familiar with how SEO works, we suggest consulting with an SEO expert to get the guidance needed. 


If you are wondering if social media is valuable when it comes to ranking in search engines, we believe that it is. There is a grey area out there when it comes to how pages rank, but if you do a simple search on any brand that has social media pages, the proof will be in the results. 

We suggest having a few different pages on various platforms that give your targeted audiences engaging content. This is the best way to increase your reach and obtain new organic traffic. You might even be surprised to see your social pages ranking higher!

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