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How to Delete From Google Search Results

When Googling your companies name you may have found that an unhappy client or a fired employee posted an online complaint. These complaints cost companies billions of dollars and are rarely ever verified to be true or not. The Reputation Management Co. fights to protect you online and if a review is invalid we can help you delete and remove it from search results. is a growing online review and consumer complaint website that we can help you delete through our contacts or suppress and hide in the search results while replacing the negative Google search result with positive and truthful facts about your business.

Name And Shame Is Harnessing Technology To Fight Fraud

According to the Federal Trade Commission, in 2019, Americans lost over $1.9 billion to consumer fraud. This was an increase of over $290 million from 2018. Imposter scams are the most widely reported fraudulent activity.

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Uncover Fraud & Corruption

Some people are selfish, wicked, or they simply don’t care. They do whatever it takes to help themselves at the expense of others. If good people sit back and do nothing, these people will continue taking advantage of others, and the problem will worsen. deletion service



• Name and Shame makes it possible to use technology to call these people out and subsequently share the information. It facilitates the uncovering of scandalous corruption and the broadcasting of the truth so that to increase awareness in the general population. This helps to protect others from becoming victims and facilitates the delivery of justice.

• The goal of Name and Shame is to hold the world to a standard of honesty, integrity, and respect.

A Platform for Online Activism, is a platform for online activism, whistle blowers, and exposing fraud and corruption. The power of the internet is being harnessed to raise a voice against injustice.

• Anonymous Reviews and Complaints

The community at Name and Shame are sharing and revealing information about fraudulent businesses, corrupt individuals, and shady schemes. The information is being shared anonymously through the use of VPN software.

Exposing Fraud & Corruption

Name and Shame is dedicated to exposing all types of consumer fraud including:

1. Medical Frauds

Most medical practitioners are honest, hardworking, and they care about patient health. However, a few want to illegally increase their wealth.

Name and Shame is the place where greedy, ruthless, and irresponsible medical professionals are exposed. Victims of medical fraud should visit and post their complaint.

Medical fraud can take many forms including:

• Billing for services not rendered

• Billing for a covered service

• Overutilization of services

• Waiving of co-payments or deductibles

• False issuance of prescription drugs

• Performance of unnecessary medical procedures

• Incorrect reporting of procedures and diagnoses

• Corruption including bribery and kickbacks

2. Fitness Frauds

The multi-billion fitness industry is filled with empty promises and utter lies. Name and Shame pulls no punches in exposing the deception lurking behind this industry. This website helps consumers to find genuine health and wellness programs. Shocking industry truths and flimsy fitness instructors are revealed.

The revelations at Name & Shame will change how a consumer approaches get-fit-quick schemes. There are eye-opening statistics and thought-provoking anecdotes on the website.

Name and Shame is at the forefront in exposing the biggest fitness industry scams. Many fitness professionals have already been named and shamed on the website. Consumers are advised to visit this website before they purchase any fitness program.

3. Education Frauds

In 2013, Transparency International exposed the extent of fraud in higher education. Parents are losing a lot of money to education fraud. In some cases, students are charged for services that don’t exist or have not been performed. There is also embezzlement of school fees. Fake certificates and academic programs are on the rise.

Fraudulent education companies are being named and shamed on the consumer complaint website. People are anonymously sharing and revealing information about the most dubious education schemes.

4. Financial Fraud

Financial fraud deprives people of their money, capital, and harms their financial health. Name and Shame has revealed hundreds of fake investment schemes and pyramid schemes.

5. Marketing Frauds

Marketing fraud involves making misleading or false promotional claims. This is a problem that Name and Shame is tackling head-on. The website has a list of the most recent cases of marketing fraud.

6. Ecommerce Frauds

E-commerce frauds include account theft, phishing, and identity theft. Some of the submissions, have helped people to escape e-commerce fraud.

Together We Can Make a Change

Have you been a victim or have knowledge of fraud, malpractice, unethical behavior, or bad business? Do the world a favor and join Name and Shame where you can anonymously post and share your story.

If you’re on the receiving end however of a false claim than first read our Online Reputation Management guide and reach out to us for an assessment of your situation so we can get you a quote today to repair and fix your image on the internet.

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