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How To Delete Results – Our Services for Removal

We have over 300 different websites where we have built relationships and are able to engineer complete deletions and removals for our clients. Scam Book is a website that has been requested numerous times and thus we are now offering complete deletions and removals from the website and are the only reputation management company that can do so. is a resolution platform whose primary goal is to give consumers a voice. The company aims to help you share your story and find a resolution if you have been the victim of bad business practices or fraud. Ultimately, this platform is designed to help people fight against bad business, fraud, and scammers.

Fake Complaints and Reviews on Scambook Hurting Your Business?

Unfortunately, fake and libelous reviews can go up anonymously on the website. The first step in the process is reporting your complaint. Users are encouraged to report their experiences with bad businesses, scams, and fraud. The opportunity is free and may help you reach a resolution and ultimately get your money back.

After you report your complaint, the scam book will review and reset your complaint. Scam book then makes the attempt to contact the individual business that you complained about in the hopes of initiating a resolution process. Therefore, if you want to be heard and also make a difference to others that have been scammed through similar individuals or businesses, then this is the ideal way to do so.

The company works hard at getting your complaint resolved. You can check changes or updates to your complaint in your Scambook dashboard.

So what are your chances of reaching a resolution and Getting to Delete The Complaint?

Working with us your chance of success is a 100% guaranteed. On your own is not going to get you the end result you desire. If you want to just respond to the review then we suggest you do the following. In the hope of assisting you to get the outcome that you desire, you are encouraged to post a detailed and accurate complaint clearly outlining the resolution that you expect. You should also submit as much evidence as you possibly can to substantiate your complaint. Scambook basically provides a platform that allows users to voice their concerns regarding bad experiences they have had with either individuals or companies. However, if you are a premium member, Scambook will attempt to contact the person or business in the hopes of resolving the issue for you. Businesses also have the opportunity to respond and refute the claims made against them. also offers an expedited arbitration program which is created to have outside arbitrators review facts from both parties. In the event that the user’s complaints or statements are not factually correct, the complaint may be redacted. In some cases, the entire post could be removed as well.

While the standard account with is free, a premium account will cost you a once fee of $14.99, and thereafter you will be billed $9.99 each month. However, in the event that you are not satisfied with the services offered to you, you are welcome to cancel within 30 days of signing up, and you will be provided with a full refund.

Scambook provides the platform for people to voice their complaints against individuals and businesses that have either been unethical in their practices or outright scammed them. They also give businesses the opportunity to respond to and also resolve complaints. However, Scambook does not offer legal advice nor can they assist you in taking legal action against the individual, business or website.

When you sign up with your personal information is kept private. So at no point in time will your address, phone number or email address be published on their website unless you request it. will also not remove any posts simply because the company says that the claims made against them are false. So if as an individual or business you believe that the claims made against you are illegal, inaccurate, false or defamatory, there are a few ways in which you can attempt to resolve this. does not take sides and ultimately we don’t really know who is right or wrong. If the individual or business wants a post removed, then they should send an email to the support department and include a PDF attachment of a notarized document that proves they are indeed the author of the post. For businesses that want the post removed there is a fee for each takedown. In the event the person that made the claims against you does not give consent to have the post removed, then you have the right to file a lawsuit against the author of the post. However, consequently, this process is quite expensive and also time-consuming. has created a more efficient and faster way of helping resolve this issue. By making use of our expedited arbitration program, you can quicken the process and ultimately get the resolution and peace of mind that you deserve.

When it comes to the resolution of an outcome, will assist as much as it can. However, the speed of your resolution will largely depend on the response and cooperation of the individual or business that you have filed a claim. Scambook works hard in order to initiate a resolution on your behalf; however, we do need the cooperation of the individual or business as well. Likewise, we are not able to guarantee that everyone will get their money back.

Ultimately, provides a professional and accessible platform that allows customers who have been defrauded or scammed by either individuals or businesses to get their complaints heard. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will receive a refund or even find a resolution to your complaint. However, makes the process as simple and straightforward as possible which ensures that businesses are able to respond to complaints made against them and use their discretion when it comes to the resolution process. Ultimately, it is in their best interest to resolve the issue and uphold their reputation. Ultimately, the more accurate and detailed your complaint is the faster you are likely to receive a resolution and possibly even a refund.

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