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How To Fix Branded Search Results

Branded search results are your companies results in Google SERPs that have different characteristics outside of the 10 standard links. There are a lot of what industry experts call “wild cards” where the content can be dynamic and is not consistent. This makes it more difficult for most online reputation management firms to remove or fix troubled search results for a brand.

Some of those branded elements that can make a reputation management campaign more difficult can include:

1. Knowledge Panels

2. Image Carousels

3. People also search fore menus

4. News article carousel

5. People also ask menus

6. Social Media

7. Questions & Answers

8. Reviews

Below is an example of a people also ask or as Google labels it as a Source box with the notification that:

“These are questions people commonly search on Google.”

This is a search result, not an ad. Only ads are paid, and they’ll always be labeled with “Sponsored” or “Ad.”

In this instance we are showcasing an injury attorney referral service showcasing some of the questions users seearch.

People also ask example for search engine reputation camapign

While we’ve had success in removing some of these it’s not an easy task as it’s a dynamic search variable and once we’ve removed one another inquiry appears in it’s place. There are other ways to do searches with real time users to influence what is being searched and what they are clicking on. We’ve developed some very in depth strategies to help with these cases and to deliver removals and new search engine results that our clients desire.

Granted Bing & Google’s algorithms do collect and rate data based on real user queries and that influences what shows up in the “People Also Ask” and other dynamic search results it is possible to fix these. If you’ve been told otherwise know that is not the case.

With time the queries will change based on what people are searching for unless it’s an aged query that is not updating such as “What year did Fast & The Furious Come Out.” or “How Did Paul Walker Die?” These queries will not changed and the answers will be static for search results. It may be possible to alter the searches but it would be an endless effort to influence and would come with a very high cost to keep on maintaining.

As far as other barriers such as reviews and ratings from consumer review sites and Google these will stay on the right side bar of desktop searches and the solution for these is to not remove them but to work on a solution to improve your overall reviews.

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