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How to Get Rid of a Ripoff Report

  Has your company been listed on Ripoff Report, the website created as a public wall for consumer complaints and reviews about businesses and individuals? If so, the negative comments and their placement on a simple Google search about your business can be extremely infuriating and harmful to your company’s reputation. The issue with Ripoff Report is that once a complaint is up, the website will not let you take it down, even if you were the original author. However, with the necessary tools, the listing can be removed from Google and other search engine results so that no one can see it when they search for your business! You may ask “how is it legal for a website to keep a negative review up forever,” and the answer is that the website wants to protect users from being harassed by companies to take down their complaints. This makes sense, however since these complaints are detrimental to the business, being able to get the listing removed from search engine results makes a huge difference!

In addition to removing these links from search results, reputation management companies like ourselves can go to further measures in order to ensure that your business isn’t falsely represented by unhappy customers, previous employees, or competitors who wish to harm your brand’s name. Sometimes reviews contain information about your business that is completely false, for example, if a competitor wanted to bash your name by creating false testimonials about your services. In these cases, we can take the matter to court and file lawsuits to sue Ripoff Report; we do not guarantee that the court will approve it every time but we are certainly willing to try repeatedly.  

Furthermore, as part of our search engine optimization (SEO) online makeover process, we will create more articles, websites, social network profiles, and reviews about your brand that are true and highlight the good features and accomplishments your company has. Doing so will increase the listings that appear on Google and similar search engines anytime someone types in your company name! That way any remaining negative reviews will be pushed down, or “buried,” in the deeper pages of search engines rather than appearing at the top or even on the first page of search results.

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