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Alfred Kemfe is a website that publishes and promotes fraud warnings and buyers beware alerts. The website was registered on May 26, 2020 and has over 500 posts so far and takes all of their posts from another complaint website called we can also delete and remove negative content from.

These complaint sites tend to spring up in bunches and have copycat websites that re-post the offending complaints. This only makes things more difficult and more expensive for the consumer who wants to get this fixed and thus ends up having to hire a reputation management agency like us to get the offending results removed from search results. These campaigns for online reputation management cost a lot of money and are an unnecessary expense for a consumer who may have been unfairly targeted by a cyber bully on one of these complaint boards.

Kemfe’s website claims that they have a team of lawyers, consultants, and others that have over a century of combined experience in the financial securities industry and have a proficiency in securities law. The text on their about page looks to be copied as it discusses Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the New York Stock Exchange Inc. (NYSE), the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and then discusses private arbitration actions even though they don’t provide an arbitration clause to remove content and thus make us pay a vendor to get it deleted.

Alfred Kemfe Complaint Website Deletion

Some of the most recent complaints are about Gary Walker of Capitol Toyota, Melvin Capital a well known hedge fund, Megan Marie Chapple, Coach Jio Lucci, Uber technologies, and Caribbean Escape where it says the travel company that is run by a known crook and scam-artist George Tsapelas (he also uses multiple known aliases) who scammed hundreds of people throughout the years. This post is one from the site another popular complaint website that the Reputation Management Company is able to completely delete posts from in a pay to play scenario we have with the owner of the website.

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