Suppression vs Deletion

There are two ways to fix a bad search result. You can have us suppress the result or through our listing deletion services.  So what is the difference between the two? Great question. When you push something off of the first page of Google search engine results you have a very low probability of ever finding it. The reason for that is that 93% of searches do not go past page 1. When the page is deleted or de-indexed that means that any way in which you search for it in Google you can not find it anymore. Suppression is a temporary solution as the result is still live somewhere online even if it is hard to find where deletion is a more permanent but also more expensive solution.


Why work with us?


If you work with us we will showcase how we can brand yourself so perfectly on page 1 that only the most ardent searchers will be going past the first page to find anything else about you. Even then our programs can guarantee to push unwanted search results off of the first 2,3,4, and 5 pages of search results.

How Does Suppression work in online reputation management?

With new good content being created on viable websites. When that starts to rank on page 1 of search results it can replace what you do not want to appear. In addition the other webpages that are there such as profiles, Linkedin profiles, your business website, and or the Whitepages listing are all great candidates that can be used to push up higher in the search results for your cleansing of your online profile.

Complete Deletion Solutions

Completely removing something that you don’t want to see online is a great way to save your reputation. The different ways to remove them involve legal maneuvers, negotiation tactics, and pre-existing relationships with the owners and SEO’s who run the websites. Thanks to these set of skills and relationships you can know that you are in good hands during the worse crisis situations.


Why use deletion?


We had employees who spent years working over at a company in Silicon Valley, California called Reputation Defender or Many of these clients were very upset with the lack of success of their suppression methods. The reason why they have not succeeded is that they are not doing the work correctly. They focus on suppression campaigns and have a very low success rate. Mention this and receive 10% off your package here.

De-indexing Solutions

What is De-indexing? De-indexing is the practice of removing unwanted or defamatory search results from the index in which it resides. In more UN-technical terms it is the solution that makes it so that whenever you search for a webpage that it is not found in Google, Yahoo, or Bing search results no matter what you type into the search box. This can only be done if you know who your attacker is and you go through the process of a lawsuit against them.


The reason for that is because it’s been taken out of the search results and if the webpage is still live then it can still be found from going directly to the website and navigating to that specific webpage. This is often very difficult for most web searchers to achieve and thus the reason why de-indexing has become such a popular reputation management solution for us here.


Why is it important to you?


The most popular sites for removing webpages from Google, Yahoo, & Bing are the complaint sites that allow anybody to post anything they want online without any repercussions. What this means is that the Digital Communications Decency Act allows users to post content online without holding the webmaster liable. and are very popular websites known for this as well as Luckily for our clients however we can get these webpages completely removed if certain criteria has been met.


The difference between suppression and de-indexing can be huge and we cover that topic for our interested clients right here to help keep you more informed and so that you can make the best decision to protect your reputation online with our assistance. You may also here of this service known as delisting from the search results in Google. For more information and to see if your case is possible please contact us today.