Remove 800 Notes from Google

Hide this negative result from appearing in Google and hurting your business. has been known to attack people and businesses.


As one of the most popular message board websites that allows anybody to post your phone number to it. Sounds like a bad idea and something that could destroy yourself and your reputation since anybody can post whatever they would like online there. Is this truly the case?


Believe it or not it is and there are hundreds of thousands of companies illegitimately posted on and up until now people had absolutely no way to fix this. The owner of the website is based out of North Carolina and has protection under CDMA immunity but the solution is to have the post removed from Google so that it is not visible and that way you can go about your business without losing quality clients and workers.


Anytime there is a message board or forum you run the risk of being defamed online and receiving unwanted negative attention. There are different ways to solve this but the best is to let us showcase the different ways to de-index and remove the bad posts while simultaneously promoting your business and helping you to grow instead of shrinking.