Remove Complaints Board from Google

You googled your company and what appeared? Well, that pesky website that has information about your company that is totally 100% false. It seems obvious that it’s a blatant lie and was posted by that troubled employee that you fired but your potential customers don’t know that.


That is why you should work as rapidly as possible to get this completely removed. Our service can completely get the unwanted webpage removed from the website. Other solutions that you are used to being offered will just offer to suppress or hide the results but the better solution is to promote your business in a positive light while also having us completely remove and delete the result.


There are four different options that you have when dealing with a bad result that is hurting your business. They are as follows:

1. Do nothing and let it get worse. While waiting you will be losing business
2. Work on suppressing the result by replacing it with new positive content
3. Have us completely remove complaints
4. Have us de-index the webpage from Google search results

Each objective has different results. We are glad to discuss which option is best to suit your needs.


We can also completely delete webpages from,, and