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We provide a service to help companies and individuals who have fake and defamatory reviews online. My Nile Story is a site where we can help you delete unwanted search results, web pages, and reviews that you want to delete on Currently there are over 82,929 reviews posted on the website and it’s growing exponentially. If you have a review you want to delete we can help. Even has a 1 star rating on Facebook’s review as you can see the image below. Deletion Service

Customers usually rely heavily on expert reviews and product reviews. This is because reviews provide a first-hand encounter between consumers and a company or product. That is why most customers usually read dozens of reviews before making a major purchase. It is important to note that there are many review sites online, but they are not all equal. Consumers are advised to always look for reviews on trusted and reliable review sites, such as My Nile Story.

About My Nile Story

My Nile Story is one of the leading review sites on the internet, with over 82,929 reviews written about products, services, and businesses. The website contains 100% customer-generated reviews, both negative and positive. It was created to provide consumers with a platform for discussing their positive and negative experiences with a product or company. The end goal is to make consumers more knowledgeable about a product, service, or company before making a decision.

All the reviews are customer-generated, so you can rest easy knowing that they have been written by real people. The customer reviews have been placed in categories, with the main categories being: toys, electronics, clothing, gardening, personal care, and office supplies. However, you will also find the following categories of reviews: insurance firms, health care, finance, cuisine, travel, home renovation, and much more. Other categories include entertainment, jewelry, accessories, models, kids, automotive, fashion, beauty, gifts, collectibles, and outdoors. The detailed categories make it easy for consumers to submit reviews in the right category. It also makes it easier for consumers to find the right reviews on, so internet users will experience hassle-free browsing on the website.

Points to Note About the Reviews

i) Time Range

While the reviews on My Nile Story may not be dated, they give the reader a rough idea of when the customer bought the product, paid for a service, or came across a given company. The most recent reviews should always be given special consideration because they contain information that’s more accurate. Reviews that were written a few years ago or based on old experiences do not carry much weight because a company might have changed for the better or worse within that period.

ii) Objective Evaluations

When reading reviews on My Nile Story, you will realize that the site contains both negative and positive reviews. The comments express human emotions of joy and disappointment, so they are believable. When consumers receive unbiased information, they can easily make informed decisions time and again. Consumers should always be aware of biased reviews because they can be misleading. Fortunately, only contains unbiased reviews.

iii) Informative

In addition to providing information about the quality of products or services offered by a given firm, My Nile Story reviews contain information that every consumer will consider useful. This includes product range, shipping, pricing, and payment solutions. The recent increase in popularity of My Nile Story can be attributed to the informative nature of their reviews, both negative and positive. This means that you can learn a lot about a given company, brand, or service by simply going through the customer reviews found on the website.

iv) Scam Alert

After going through the reviews found on My Nile Story, it is clear that there are many scams out there. Some of the reviews on the website are meant to warn members of the public about scams. Imagine sending money to someone who claims to sell a given product or offer a given service, only to discover that you’ve been conned. By reading My Nile Story reviews, you will be able to avoid falling prey to scams.

1 Star Review for My Nile Story

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