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Online Defamation Expert Witness Richart Ruddie

Working to help clients to remove and replace unwanted search results while also protecting them is a strenuous process to take on your own if you don’t have expertise in doing so. The Reputation Management Co. is a full-service agency that can help with all your branding and marketing needs as well as legal issues with our expert witness services when dealing with an online defamation case.

Dealing with the online reputation management business we are no strangers to seeing individuals and businesses that are defamed online. We’ve seen some of the most egregious cyberbullying and harmful hate tactics used by spiteful competitors, ex-husbands, ex-wives, journalists, bloggers, and sometimes even complete strangers who want to try and ruin somebody’s image and life on the internet.

Dealing with a Crisis and Knowing How to Respond and React

A new crisis pops up every 15 minutes. It’s important to know how to react to your detractors and your promoters. Scandals are a dime a dozen today so it’s important to know how to stay calm in the face of adversity and how to properly navigate through a crisis and deal with online defamation and attacks no matter how outlandish and crazy the remarks are online there is a list of do’s and dont’s that will help keep the crisis from spiraling out of control.

As a founder of one of the largest Reputation Management Agencies that encompasses numerous websites and brands for over a decade pioneering some of the most creative solutions to resolve client issues. Ruddie, a digital marketing entrepreneur who’s studied at Stanford & FAU has been listed as an expert witness for defamation cases on Expert Pages for over 3 years and has helped to solidify 7 figure settlements due to online defamation.

Each case file will be a minimum of 20 detailed pages showcasing how many people viewed the offending articles, what the content said, the ways in which you can use and the fees associated to have the defamation removed if the defamation is on a site that will not remove than you have a few options that will be detailed in your defamation report.

Get Richart Ruddie’s Help as an Expert Witness For Online Defamation

Ruddie an avid traveler and reputation repair expert for over a decade has come across some very interesting cases from those falsely screaming fraud and scam against somebody they didn’t like only in an effort to defame them and discredit them. In these cases, Ruddie has been successful in a detailed report showcasing these false allegations and the damage it has done.

Expert Witness Richart Ruddie
Richart Ruddie Expert Witness for Defamation


One of the biggest expenses with having to repair your image and reputation online is the constant cost of maintaining results. As an expert witness in numerous court cases, Ruddie has had to outline the costs of registering domains, monthly hosting plans, content writers to upload and post content, costs of hiring a public relations team to land truthful biographical content like this, a graphic designer to create unique designs and logos for each website, a copy editor to edit the material posted on each site, and an outreach team to assist the PR team in creating new content on 3rd party websites.

As you can imagine the costs tend to add up rapidly when you go all-in on a promotional campaign. If you take your foot off the gas and Google’s algorithm updates then you most likely will find yourself facing new results from your attackers or old ones creeping back up. Thus it’s a vicious cycle of attacks and maintenance to keep defamation out of the public eye. In this never-ending game the costs add up and that’s why it’s important to hire an expert witness to determine not only the damages but also the cost to clean up the damages.

Richart Ruddie works hand in hand with your law firm and will get the attorney handling the defamation case all the documentation and forensic evidence needed to ensure the court, judge, and jurors hear the detailed reports. There is a retainer for the work and if the testimony is needed to be given in court about your case then an appearance fee is applicable.

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