Personal Reputation Management Solutions

Reputation management isn’t just for organizations or corporations. It can be just as important, if not more important in some cases, to manage your own personal reputation.


The last thing you want is someone searching for more information about you online and finding results that are inaccurate, outdated, or defamatory. If this occurs, there is a good chance that person will develop a negative perception of you which leads to more problems, broken relationships, lost trust, and lost business opportunities.


It can make it difficult to do a variety of tasks such as finding a job, conducting business, networking with professionals, and much more.
Thankfully, there are several solutions for managing your personal reputation. Taking a proactive approach will help with current and future posts that may pop up across the internet.


There are many ways you can better understand your online reputation and begin to build it in your favor such as:

• Google yourself to see what results appear for your name
• Claim your domain
• Build a personal blog
• Set up or clean up social media accounts
• Get alerts when someone talks about you


The key to managing your personal reputation is to actively monitor what is going on in the online environment. By using the above mentioned strategies, you can tactically gain control of your reputation online and manage what information people are able to find about you.


Optimize your online presence by joining social media networks and creating a personal blog. These webpages receive preferable treatment by search engines and will typically appear as some of the first few links when someone decides to search for your name online. Making sure these accounts reflect an accurate image of who you are is important because they will receive the highest number of clicks. Personal blogs are a great way for you to express your opinion and showcase talents that others will see and appreciate.


Social media can be a great way to display how you act in a casual environment where as a blog can be used for more professional settings. However, if you choose to use social media, it is important to remember that even if you make things private through security settings, nothing is every truly private. It is up to you to actively monitor what friends and family may be posting about you or tagging you in and to remedy any issues as soon as they arise. Case in point, if there is something you don’t want the world to see, don’t post it anywhere online.


Going a step further and claiming your own domain (example: will help to establish yourself as your own brand and create a favorable influence on your name. Even if you choose not to do anything with the domain, it is still a good idea to claim it for yourself instead of letting an attacker own your personal name. You don’t want a random person claiming your domain and using it to post irrelevant, inaccurate, or defamatory content. When someone searches for you, it is likely that domain will show up on the first page of results and could have a meaningful impact on your personal reputation.


When results come up that are not favorable, you should act to counteract these effects immediately. Sometimes it can be as simple as asking someone to remove the content, like asking a friend to delete a photo off a social media account. Other times, the content can be harmful and more difficult to remove, like if the content is posted on a review website. Ways to fix this type of situation usually include contacting the webmaster of the page to help recreate a solution or generating a lot of new, favorable content to push the negative content to the bottom of the results.


Have a bad news story about you? Mugshot? No matter what you want to do online we can help you fix up your personal image. We provide an in depth service for personal reputation management solutions and are here to help you.

Individual Reputation Management and Celebrity PR Solutions

If you’re a public figure or a popular subject of discussion, you will have to work hard to monitor your personal reputation. It is vital that the information being relayed is in your best interest and if it is not, you will need to take steps to remedy the situation. If you don’t have enough time or don’t know how to go about managing your online reputation, hiring a professional personal reputation management company is your best option.


Reputation management professionals have the skills and wherewithal to offset negative content that has been associated with your name online. Generating positive content that accurately reflects the story you want to tell is the key to managing your online reputation. Professional reputation management specialists know how to create this content as well as where to post it where it will gain the most influence and result in the greatest impact. This impact results in negative content being pushed to the bottom of search results and is replaced with positive, favorable content that accurately portrays you. Professional reputation managers also have the knowledge to help delete defamatory and false content that is damaging to your reputation through several different techniques:

• Utilizing existing relationships with webmasters
• Flagging the content for removal by search engines
• Taking legal action against the perpetrator


The sum of all your online content comes together to develop your image and influence your reputation in the real world. It can be just as impactful, if not more so, than a traditional reputation in the real world. There are many platforms that can be utilized on the internet to help shape and mold your personal reputation but taking care to manage your online reputation is essential to defining your personal reputation.


Remember, when it comes to the internet, nothing is ever truly private. Once it has been published on the internet, it is permanent. With the help of professional reputation managers, this content doesn’t have to ruin your developed image or reputation. Your personal online content, content generated by your friends and family, and even who you follow online can be a reflection on your personal reputation.