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Podium Interactive Alternatives, Competitors, and Review

It’s essential for brand owners to establish a great working relationship with their customers. Customer interaction is crucial in helping business owners to determine what their respective markets need. As a brand owner, it is important to know how your customers, competitors, and staff relate to your products. Based on their cumulative reviews, you will be able to make the right business choices. One important application that can help you achieve this is Podium. Many don’t know that ReputationMangement.Co has software called RMC Pulse that has all of the same features but is less money and a better alternative to most review management software available in the marketplace.

What’s Podium?

Podium Software is an interactive app that helps businesses to interrelate with their customers in a simplified and convenient way. In this regard, the business owners can focus on the communication avenues that the customers are familiar with. With Podium Interactive, there is a faster rate of interaction between the product supplier and the consumers. This makes your business to be more visible in the online market. The interaction also influences the purchasing power of the customers. Currently, Podium has over 80,000 users globally, and there is no doubt that this software is redefining modern associations between brand owners and consumers.

Features of Podium

As an interactive management tool, Podium enjoys the following major features:

1. Consumer Intelligence: This feature focuses on the abilities of the consumers and the competitors. It is subdivided into:

• Competitive Intelligence: This feature allows you to get factual information in real-time pertaining to the performance of your competitors and their market repute.

• Customer Feedback: The tool provides the customers with a forum in which they can leave their feedback for you to analyze.

• Sentimental Analysis: This feature gives you a wide view of the performance of your business with respect to the tactics you employ.

2. Media Monitor Tool: This is a feature that allows you to evaluate the performance of your brand on social media and other digital platforms. The feature involves:

• Digital Media Monitor: This feature helps you to manage the ad messages. You also get to monitor the overall impact of the digital campaigns.

• Social Network Monitor: This tool helps in the monitoring of your social trends and customer interactions.

• Social Media Manager: This application allows you to manage all social media messages. You can also use it to measure the overall effect of your social media campaigns.

3. In-house Manager: This tool looks at the individual performances of your staff. You can use it to measure:

• Team’s Workflow: You can use this feature to measure the general work performance of your team. The feature allows the staff to interact and collaborate in their day-to-day operations.

• Employee Performance: If you want to analyze the individual performance of each member of your workforce, this is the ideal feature.

4. Reporting Tool: This feature is crucial in getting real-time facts and figures in regard to the market performance of your business. The feature is subdivided into:

• Dashboard: This is a centralized hub where you can access all your data points.

• Revenue Reporting: This tool has enhanced filters for determining the relationship between your revenues and the brand.

• Corporate Reporting: This is a supportive feature that monitors and measures the general statistical performance of your business.

Podium Users

Podium Software can be used by a majority of online brands, including personal brands, start-ups, agencies, and SMEs.

Podium Compatibility

Podium Software is compatible with desktop and mobile applications. For desktop users, the application is compatible with updated Mac and Windows operating systems while for mobile users, the app is well-suited for Androids, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Reviews on Podium’s Review Software – Pros and Cons


• The software is easy to use

• Quality and reliable customer support

• Easy to set up the user account

• The platform is very interactive

• Access to abundant reviews

• The app is mobile and desktop enabled


• The contract is limited to one year

• The pricing is slightly expensive to most users

Final Thoughts and Podium Alternatives

Considering that Podium Interactive consolidates all the reviews from your customers into a common dashboard, it becomes easy to manage their interactions. Those who don’t realize that RMC Pulse is a better and cheaper alternative for enterprise software are happy when they hear about our customized built software that even handles Yelp something very few alternatives are able to provide. In a business sense, you are able to send invites and texts to your target market and receive comments pertaining to your brand so finding better alternatives at a better price make RMC Pulse the best solution for those looking to switch away from Podium.

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