Removal of Review Website Page
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Removal of Review Website Page

New websites that let you leave anonymous reviews are popping up all the time. The newest website that customers of ours are asking to get removed from is which opens a world of different companies with new negative reviews. Our services can help you remove unwanted reviews by working with our contacts over at the website as well as finding a violation of the terms of service to make a claim to get your review or negative page deleted.

The website ranges from reviews from people who had purchased products at major retailers like Walmart and Amazon to buying specific products at specialty shops like bicycle companies. Of course, you would probably expect to find wide differences in review quality from a review site that offers reviews across many industries. However, this characteristic only reinforces that the reviews are genuine and include both favorable and unfavorable reviews that are appearing in Bing, Yahoo, and search results now replacing old review sites like, PissedConsumer,, and tackles many subjects of great interest to consumers like rating law offices, travel adventures, insurance companies, beauty and health services, photography studios, real estate practices, movers and packers and many other service-related companies, retailers and professional services. Having one website that handles many different types of reviews offers expanded convenience for getting the lowdown on various types of businesses.

Unbiased Reviews

You can rely on to publish unbiased reviews of interest on most modern service-type companies and major retailers. In fact, the company publishes reviews in more than 100 categories, according to our in depth review of the site. Traditional categories include restaurant and bar reviews, hospitals and clinics, marketplaces, TV shows, content writing services, interior design services and even marijuana and CBD products for sale. It seems the company is willing to publish reviews on almost any topic imaginable. Each topic includes the number of reviews currently available.

Add to Your List of Trusted Review Sites

Determining bias is difficult for consumers, and some review websites have earned a reputation for publishing real, unsolicited reviews. Too many organizations publish favorable reviews based on a company spending big advertising dollars or becoming members. Fortunately, that’s not the case with The company’s website is remarkably free of advertising, memberships and confusing details about removing negative reviews. All reviews are verified as authentic before publication, so they’re more or less permanent. However, reviewers can publish updates based on a company trying to make things right and resolve complaints.

Essentially, you can trust what most people say when they take thie time and trouble to write a review. makes every effort to verify that reviews are genuine and not some company’s misguided attempt to damage a competitor. Verified profile accounts are free, so you don’t have to worry about showing favoritism to companies that support their services with memberships and spending. You can use the platform to post online reviews of businesses, organizations and people.

Generally, some review sites are more trusted than others. Zagat, TripAdvisor and receive high marks for authenticity, useful consumer information and unbiased reviews. Yelp receives generally good reviews but suffers because of the obvious preference given to advertisers. You can add to your list of trusted review sites based on unbiased reviews and choosing a balance of good and bad reviews to publish.

Valuable Consumer Information

As part of its customer service, 99consumer publishes a blog with a range of consumer-related posts about topics of interest like consumer confidence, how to avoid scams, information about key influencers and how to avoid social media scams.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t always trust review sites for valid reasons, such as accepting paid memberships, advertising dollars, reservations and service bookings. If you’re looking for a great weekend getaway, you don’t want to worry that you can’t trust the reviews you read. About 80% of consumers trust online reviews, but one study found that 25% of consumers found information on review sites unfair. Generally, aging Baby Boomers and younger consumers express the deepest distrust.

The Verdict For Deleting Fake Reviews on

The only negative issue I can find is that some of the categories don’t have many reviews, but that should change quickly as the company becomes better known. I like the ability to research multiple industries and companies on a single website, and I find the reviews to be authentic with few if any edits. I trust, which is more than I can say for most top review sites, which I usually discover are compromised in some way, such as accepting advertising dollars and payment for removing negative reviews. We have alternative methods and ways to help if you’ve been defamed on this site.

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