removal from google-search results.
  • 26
  • September

Remove result from Google provides verdict searches and aggregates information about lawyers, attorneys and law firms, and civil cases. They also cover criminal cases at the state and federal levels. With over 1 million yes 1 million cases uploaded on their website it’s a very large website with a lot of personal and public information that you may not want to be public anymore.

Think of the R. Kelly case if you were a witness or plaintiff in a case from decades ago you may not want that information to the surface when applying for a job or trying to move on with your life.

In the case of removing a search result it can be done with the help of our expert reputation management team. Just reach out and ask us how we can help assist you and fix up your search results and remove unwanted court case results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and search engine results.


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