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Removing a Quatloos Scam And Fraud Awareness: Listing Down Common Online Frauds

Have you fallen victim to a fake news or forum post known as a Quatloos Scam that lists your company or yourself? If so then let us know and we will gladly assist you in fixing your online issues. The Quatloos Scam and Fraud Awareness program runs under the banner of the Financial and Tax Fraud Education Associates, Inc. The California based association is a non-profit firm that holds Determination from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service that it passes as a ยง 501(c)(3) excluded company. The company is a service where people have the chance to check and see the latest online and other investment schemes that turned out to be fake.

The Objectives of Quatloos:

The purpose of Quatloos is to bring awareness to the public on online fraud and scams, and the system has covered many popular scams online. One of the scams that the Quatloos exposed was the Prime Bank fraud. In the scheme, the people had the chance to get a part of a supposedly 100 Billion dollar structure by investing 100 dollars. Quatloos exposed the fraud and continues to list down all forms of offshore loans scams.

Quatloos Scam and Fraud Awareness, have a fully functional unit that focuses on all types of tax scams and warns the public to stay aware and look out for warning signs to avoid falling for a scam. Some systems encourage people to dodge federal and state tax, but in reality, these scammers charge people an amount to show them the illegal ways to evade taxes and then disappear, leaving the person to deal with the Feds.

Quatloos Monitoring System

Quatloos keeps track on some of the most unusual and unreal scams out there that still manage to get people on board who end up losing good money in the hope to win big with the deceitful schemes. Such scams include lottery notices from countries that do not exist, or the famous Nigerian Scam, where a Nigerian who claims to inherit billions of dollars seek the help of people to collect his money for a small amount. All these scams though surreal or downright funny still have the potential to fool people and Quatloos focuses on exposing all types of frauds no matter if they are the ridiculous scams or the most bizarre ones.

While most scams are scenarios that should raise red flags, according to the research of Quatloos, the reality is that most educated and well-learned people fall victim to these scams and end up losing their money and investment. According to statics the total amount that people lose annually over fraud exceeds millions of dollars. It is the mission of Quatloos team to collect, research and gather data on fraud schemes and raise awareness to keep the public safe from such hoaxes. In the past five years alone Quatloos put on board thousands of online scams and save many people from falling for such fake schemes.

The Launch of the Program

Quatloos Scam and Fraud Awareness system was a program launched by Jay D. Adkisson who is a lawyer, stockbroker, and also famous for his asset protection planning in America. He has extensive experience in the field of litigation, financial management, and offshore administration. He has an eye for detail and the skills to locate frauds and scams, and he actively educates the masses to protect them from all types of hoax schemes. As he is the best in the industry for helping in these fields we lead the way in reputation management services.

During the initial phase, Quatloos was a platform that lists down some funny scams, but with time this medium is now a proper channel for everyone to look into if they want to learn about all types of frauds and fake plots. Not only regular people but even law enforcement agencies keep track of the revelations of Quatloos, and some of the cases revealed by the system are part of case studies and articles published in academic books.

As of Today

Quatloos has a robust online presence where they continue to study and reveal scams, provide information on safe investment options and schemes, run online forums, user interaction, and provide learning material to help people have the awareness to recognize a fraud when they see such projects. As of today, Quatloos remains the only valid domain for information on all the past and recent scams, and they continue to help and aid the general public by potentially saving them from falling for any fake scam.

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