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What can you do with RepCheck?

RepCheck can benefit individuals and businesses alike. This tool provides monitoring for key online reputation values that allow you to stay ahead of potential risks. Here are a few:

1. Track Mentions of Important Names

Maybe you’d like to keep track of who is talking about you, your boss, or somebody else online. Using RepCheck, simply set up alerts for the names you want to track, and you’ll catch mentions while they’re still fresh. This is a great way to stay on top of your reputation.

2. Track Your Company’s Brand

RepCheck alerts can also notify you when people are talking about your company online. That means you are aware of mentions whether they’re saying positive or negative things.

3. Track Your Competitors

Sure, you need to know what people are saying about you and your company — but it’s equally important to monitor new developments that involve your closest competitors.

4. Monitor Your Keywords

RepCheck can help you strengthen your keyword strategy by showing you how other people are using your main keywords. This can help you find unique content angles that others haven’t covered yet. It can also help you find and take advantage of other relevant keywords.

5. Build Links

Whenever your business, product, or service is mentioned on a blog or a public question-and-answer forum, you have a valuable opportunity to create a backlink. Using RepCheck we will help you find as many of these opportunities as possible and jump on them while they’re fresh. You can start using RepCheck as a link building tool by setting up alerts for queries related to your product or service. For instance, if your company sells mechanical pencils, you might want to track the phrases “where to buy mechanical pencils” or “best mechanical pencils.”

RepCheck will show you relevant new pages where you can answer somebody’s question, promote your product or brand, and leave a link back to your site.


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