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Repair Bad Brand Image Online

A Brand Defender is such a profession that has morphed into a digitally focused job over the last decade. In todays world of social media and cancel culture running wild it only takes one bad employee or wrong PR move to morph you from liked to hated. Sometimes its politically motivated, sometimes it’s warranted, and sometimes its completely beyond your control but none the less The Reputation Management company here shares tips and advice on how to save your image and fix it back up with or without our assistance.

The Importance Of Brand Reputation Management

Building a popular brand takes years. It may take over a decade to get your brand where you want it to be. Unfortunately, it only takes a few mistakes and malicious reviews to ruin your brand’s reputation. After spending years and a lot of resources building your brand reputation, you must protect it. Brand reputation management companies can help you repair a bad image online so you should not worry too much about a tainted reputation as it can be fixed.

Why Repair Brand Reputation?

i) To Restore Trust in Your Brand

Repairing a bad reputation is crucial if you want to restore trust in your brand. When loyal customers read negative reviews and news articles that paint your brand in a bad light, they may start avoiding you. The best way to ensure you do not lose loyal customers is to repair bad brand image online.

ii) To Attract and Retain Customers

Consumers usually consider the reputation of a brand before deciding whether or not to do business with a particular company. If you have a tainted image online, consider repairing your brand reputation as this will help you attract and retain customers.

iii) To Save Money

Building a decent reputation takes a lot of time and effort. You might have given your customers costly branded promotional products and offered them huge discounts during special sales. These costly efforts can all go to waste if you do not repair your image online. Therefore, you should consider repairing the bad brand image online as a way of ensuring the money you spent on marketing campaigns does not go to waste.

iv) To Grow Your Brand

Every business owner wants to grow their brand. However, this cannot be possible if your brand has a bad reputation online. The first thing you need to do when you want to grow your brand is to repair its tainted online reputation. Once your company’s image is restored, you can start thinking of growing your brand.

Sources of Negative Press

i) Social Media

Research studies have shown that 31% of all reviews are from social media. About 18% of consumers prefer to use the company’s website to leave reviews while 16% prefer to use third-party review sites. From these statistics, the importance of social media can be seen. You have to be active on social media to respond to every comment whether positive or negative. Every concern or complaint that is raised by a customer should be addressed conclusively.

ii) Negative News Articles

Blogs and news websites can write negative pieces about your brand. Whether the information they publish is accurate or false, you must move fast to counter the effects of those articles. You can start by asking the publisher to pull down the articles. If they refuse, you can always ask search engines to blacklist the website or web page if the content breaches the terms of use of the service. The final resort is to get a court order to compel the publisher to pull down the content or risk legal sanctions.

How to Repair Your Image Online

As noted above, being active on social media and asking publishers of negative content to pull down content can help you repair a tainted image online. However, there is another option; burying negative content online.

How to Hide Negative Content

Search engines usually give high rankings to the freshest most relevant content. Your brand’s image may be suffering because the freshest content consists of negative reviews or news articles. The brand reputation management company you hire will create a lot of fresh positive content and publish them on review sites, social media, your company’s websites, blogs, and business listings. Whenever internet users run a search on your brand, only the good stuff will come up. As a result, you will not only hide negative content but also improve your search engine rankings, which is good for business.

While SEO can help you hide negative reviews, this is only a short-term measure. You will still need to address the root cause of the negative reviews by listening to what customers are saying. Please note that SEO is an ongoing process, so if you continue receiving negative reviews, your reputation will still be adversely affected. That is why addressing the underlying issue is crucial.

Choosing the Right Brand Reputation Repair Company

When you need to hire a brand reputation management company, you must know that there are only a small list of legitimate providers who specialize in the niche of brand and reputation repair services. While certain countries seem to manufacture agencies they unfortunately do not create  The guarantees offered by a company and the fees they charge for their services should all be checked before a decision can be made.

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