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Ripoff Report Removal Ways To Fix Your Online Image Call Now

It doesn’t take much for a business’s online reputation to take a hit these days. A few poor customer reviews or a post on a Ripoff Report can instantly affect sales in the short-term and long-term and ruin a business almost overnight.

The worst part, from a business owner’s perspective, is that consumers can tell their side of the story without any repercussions or in many cases create false and made up stories just to hurt your business. This often leads to misleading or downright false complaints from a customer, posted for all to see.

When that is the case, is there a true solution? The Ripoff Report removal process is very tedious and difficult, and at times up until now, it seemed like there is no viable solution except to pay for their corporate advocacy program which over your lifetime can cost over $20,000 with their maintenance. However, there are a few ways to fix and delete any report posted. Here’s a closer look at what Ripoff Report actually is, and what are the most popular Ripoff Report removal ways to fix your online image.

The history of Ripoff Report is a consumer complaint website that has received plenty of attention throughout the years. It has been around for over 20 years online, and the original goal of the website was to give consumers the power to voice their opinions. It’s a tool that many consumers find value in, and it’s easy to read reviews and signed up to post reviews as well.

Unfortunately, allowing people to post anonymously with very little effort is also its biggest complaint. Their lack of vetting process allows angry consumers to dictate their story, and competitors can easily make attacks as well. There is no fact-checking system used to add authenticity to reviews, and businesses are unable to truly stand up for themselves.

In the early days, Ripoff Report received fairly positive reviews, but that has shifted quite a bit. In today’s world, Ripoff Report currently holds an “F” with the Better Business Bureau, and low star reviews on many review websites. In the European Union, Ripoff Report has even been banned for over a year because they see it as a straight up scam website and its owner Ed couldn’t afford to fight the EU in court. Its own reputation has taken a massive hit over the last few years, but it still causes a lot of trouble for business owners because of how Google views it up until a few months ago it dominated search results but has since been hit with a Google penalty but is still visible along with other sites such as and that are mirror sites.

If Ripoff Report is receiving backlash, why does it still matter?

A simple search on Google will show exactly why Ripoff Report matters so much to this day. It doesn’t matter that it has its own reputation problems when it is damaging thousands of others. Until Google does not rank them highly in search results, Ripoff Report will continue to be extremely relevant as long as your name or company is online with the relation to a site called “Ripoff Report”. They have one of the largest bases of consumer reviews online, and enough of them tell the truth that they remain up to this day.

One of the big things that protect the Ripoff Report is the Communications Decency Act. This act protects the website from liability over content posted by users on their website. If they posted a lot of false information directly instead of relying on submissions, they would be shut down already. By allowing consumers to post the content, they can declare immunity.

There are bad, false, or misleading reviews on Ripoff Report. What are the options?

Business owners dealing with poor Ripoff Report reviews might not know exactly what to do. There are a few solutions that actually work, but it does take time and effort. Most will find it worth the effort in the end though, as it can be extremely damaging.

Resolve a customer’s issue

Not every complaint on Ripoff Report is entirely false. In fact, some business owners find themselves in a situation where they are dealing with a legitimate issue, and it needs resolved. Not only does that make the consumer happy, but it shows future customers that a business is willing to do what it takes to make things right.

First, always take responsibility and accept that a mistake was made. Try to resolve an issue quickly, to show customers just how on top of everything you are. Ideally, resolving any type of issue with a consumer quickly will eliminate it from ever making Ripoff Report in the first place.

If it is already a posted report, ask for them to edit or update their post after the issue is resolved. If a business owner goes above and beyond expectations, most customers will have no problem doing this. An edited review can prove to be beneficial for business owners, as it shows they care about satisfaction just as much as the initial sale. It just gets pretty tedious if this needs to be done multiple times with additional published reviews.

Refute a review

There are positives and negatives to posting a rebuttal to any review on Ripoff Report. While it does allow a business owner to have their own voice, it can sometimes fuel what appears to be an online argument if not done correctly. This will add more negative content under a business’s name, which can turn out to be counterproductive.

Responding to a report is relatively easy on Ripoff Report, but they tend to put all rebuttals towards the end of the page. That means some visitors won’t even see the rebuttal, but they will still see the negative review from the beginning.

A rebuttal also needs proper wording, grammar, and spelling to not bury the business any deeper. Proofread everything, check for any miscommunications whatsoever, and focus on professionalism above all else. As soon as a business comes off as unprofessional, it’s only going to damage the reputation more.

Don’t talk in specifics on Ripoff Report, because that will only provide the website with more keywords that people will search for. Never mention your company’s name, but talk in more vague terms to get a point across. Saying your company’s name five or more times in a rebuttal is playing right into Ripoff Report’s hands and will cause your company’s complaint to rank high on the search results page.

Pay big money for Ripoff Report Programs or a lawsuit

While our solution to remove it from Google is much cheaper and advised some hard headed individuals would rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars unsuccessfully suing Ed the owner and the website. The majority of business owners will not go in this direction, but there is an opportunity to try to get something completely removed from the website, or at least flagged, by taking action. The first option many people explore is the corporate advocacy program. Operated by Ripoff Report, they investigate claims to see if there is any proof of online defamation. It sounds great in theory, except for the fact that it’s expensive to join, and it doesn’t result in any reviews actually being removed. Instead, a review is flagged at the top, providing readers with the full review reports.

Ripoff Report also offers a VIP Arbitration Program, which is similar to the CAP, in that it doesn’t do much other than rob a business owner of their money. Even in the best-case scenario, a review remains on the website and every visitor will still be able to read the original text. It’s almost universally agreed that these programs are nothing more than an additional revenue stream for the website.

Getting lawyers involved with any type of lawsuit against Ripoff Report or the reviewer will cost a lot of money just to get it off the ground. There are no guarantees that this will work, and most lawyers will even advise against wasting time, money, and energy. That is because Ripoff Report has stuck around for over 20 years thanks in large part to knowing their rights and protecting themselves from the law. They know what they can and can’t get away with.

Between the Communications Decency Act and free speech rights which are abused and everybody knows it, it’s very difficult to successfully fight against reviews online no matter how false and slanderous, no matter how fast they are posted, and no matter what you do on your own. The exception might be reviewed as threatening a person’s life, but it usually does not get to that extreme on Ripoff Report and even then they refuse to remove it. At that point, the police can involve themselves and bypass any laws that might be protecting the website but it often ends up taking months and a heavy legal bill.

Pushing Ripoff Report down in search results Was the Old Solution

For the vast majority of people, this is going to be the best and most dependable option a person can go with. It is virtually impossible to get any negative review completely removed unless you work with our reputation management team, so pushing it down in search results will ensure that fewer people actually see it and are the most commonly offered solution.

This is where a reputation management company can come into play. We can help with posting new and exciting content that is relevant to a business, and allow it to rank highly for the right keywords. As those pages start to take off, the Ripoff Report page goes down in the rankings and if you can afford our removal service we have built a relationship where we can now completely delete and remove web pages from appearing at all in and search results 100% guaranteed.;

Ideally, the sweet spot for a lot of business owners is to get negative links like Ripoff Report off of the first page. Studies show that most people do not go past the first page of search results. In fact, most will only look at the first few on the first page, so burying Ripoff Report is extremely beneficial.

Not only is burying a negative result like Ripoff Report extremely beneficial but there are other reasons to work with a reputation management company that can specialize in search engine optimization.

  • Long-term solutions

Proper search engine optimization is going to provide long-term solutions instead of quick results. There are way too many companies that claim to have quick fixes, but that simply does not work in today’s online world. By taking the time to have proper SEO on-page and off-page, a person can have quite a bit of success.

  • Constant feedback and updates

Since reputation management is a long-term solution, it takes some upkeep to maintain rankings. When hiring a company to help with this, it’s only going to be successful with consistent feedback and updates at all times. Check out our list of services that includes direct removals, suppression, brand building, autocomplete fixing, reputation monitoring, data privacy removal, and many more solutions that may be suited to your needs.

  • Meaningful on-site updates

Most people think of reputation management companies as helping only with new content to help the cause. However, on-site content is extremely important as well. A company can optimize the entire website so that a business is maximizing its potential. Nothing is more valuable than the official website, so it needs to be its best.

Final thoughts

Dealing with the Ripoff Report is an extremely frustrating situation for any business owner. They ruined a lot of reputations, and that, in turn, has ruined their own. As frustrating as they can be, it’s important to not let them get the best of you.

Getting the phone number for will not do you any good, since the company registers offshore, and they are fully protected by the Communications Decency Act. Even if they were easy to contact, they are not going to remove any content on their website.

The best solution is to call us to solve any problems with a business’ online reputation. Reach us for the Ripoff Report Local Phone Number Call 202-709-6571. We have some of the best methods to remove Ripoff Report from the top of search results and bury other negatives where most potential customers will never look. Our knowledge of how to bring meaningful content to the forefront is second to none in the industry, and a business will find strong reputation management work to last for years to come.

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