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Scamero Removal is a complaint website that advertises itself as a director for businesses that you can’t trust. Scams, Frauds, and Reviews. Currently, the website is filled with 1 star reviews for a company called Profit Warriors, Marko Rubel, and Warren William Hatton accusing the individual of being a fraud, arsonist, thief, and liar. Other companies listed on their homepage are Stewart, Cooper, and Coon Inc, True Build Credit, HyCite and Royal Prestige, and the Ultimate Medical Academy.

There are over 173 different pages filled with gripes and complaints where anybody can go on the website and post what they want. The website is located overseas so they are immune from court orders and removals conducted domestically here in the USA. Overall it is possible for us to completely remove and delete unwanted content that ends up on and we are also able to brand and protect you for the future.

We look forward to protecting you.

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