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  • May Removal of Bad Content From This Site is essentially among the top scambaiters forums and it provides a free platform for individuals to post scammer information. This includes giving users the opportunity to post details regarding IRS and CRA scammers, Indian tech support scammer numbers, fake popups, phishing, and refund scammers. The forum basically allows you to discuss anything from virtual machines, malware, baiting scammers and more. In addition, the site has more than 10,000 registered scam baiters.

To sign up for an account, you have to be at least 13 years of age. All laws of the United Kingdom are followed by and as such, any contentment that is in violation of the laws will be removed from the website.

What If I’m Incorrectly Posted on and I want to have it Deleted?

More often than not a business is incorrectly posted on or a similar website and they want help getting off of there. We are there to help those individuals and businesses who are being negatively affected and have a few different reputation improvement services that can help fix and adjust these type of issues.

People who sign up can post anything they want online and this is troublesome. Additionally, the posting privileges of registered accounts may be indefinitely suspended, without notice, for reasons deemed valid by members of staff but the content they’ve created stays online unless we come in to help you. However, if you believe you were incorrectly banned, there is the option of joining the Discord server and addressing the ban with a member of staff.

To lessen the risk of having your account suspended, you should refrain from posting any legitimate websites, numbers, or other details on the site. Site moderators check all information that is posted on the site and if they detect legitimate information, the details will be deleted. Furthermore, the offender will be warned against doing this again or he or she could be banned.

Included in the category of ‘legitimate information’ are sex hotlines, charities or emergency contact numbers. Posting personal numbers is strictly prohibited as well. For example, you should not post the numbers of your friends or enemies as a means of playing a prank. You should also refrain from using inappropriate avatars or usernames or attempting to impersonate another individual.

Posting Tips

When posting, it is important to give as much information as possible. This includes phone number, URL to the scams or any other relevant details. You can also share any YouTube videos or other recordings of you calling scammers.


If you believe your domain or number has been posted maliciously or incorrectly on the website, you can use the removal section to request that the information be removed. To do this, you should ensure that you include all wrongly posted details in your post. It would be helpful to also provide a link to the post with your information. There is also the option of emailing the company at [email protected] to provide the details.

It should be noted that the content on is not the responsibility of the owner or operators of the website. Therefore, they cannot be help liable for malicious posts made to the site. To report misuse, contact staff members at [email protected] or report the post on the website.

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