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Keyword & Semantic Analysis

As the author of your brand message, you know why you make cool products or offer great services. The problem can be aligning this message in a way that is meaningful and relevant to readers. Your site is often read as bias and untrustworthy for whatever you’re selling and needs to be aligned with readers and those validating your sites message. Achieving this level of optimization can tricky but when done correctly, phrases (not just keywords) will help deliver a boost to search engine rankings.


Site Development & Optimization

Whether you have an amazing site, or are just launching your company and setting up a new site, the RMC team can help. We will help you design, build, and optimize your site to rank well online. Contact a member of our team to scope the project and timeline to develop and launch your new website.


Reputation Management

Are you watching the reputation you spent years building go up in flames in the blink of an eye? Our team can completely remove content from over 150,000+ webpages, and for those pesky articles we can’t remove, we have unique ways of getting them out of prominent search results too.

Your business’s online reputation is how online readers, including your current and potential customers, view your business – based on its digital footprint. This means that any information published online about your business, including customer reviews and feedback, will affect your business’s online reputation. The process typically involves proactive and often aggressive solutions aimed at countering, weakening and eliminating the negative online content about a brand by replacing the negative content with positive material. This is important because it is extremely difficult to remove information on the Internet, particularly on online platforms that you do not own or control. In essence, the process aims to reduce the visibility of negative content online by burying it in search engine result pages (SERPs), helping your business build customer trust. Without customer trust, your business is unlikely to survive and thrive. This is because more than 80% of consumers will continue to use a trusted brand frequently and more importantly, will recommend the brand to others. It is important to note that today more than 90% of adult consumers in the US research products online before making a purchase decision and additionally, they deem customer reviews as highly or extremely helpful.

With that in mind, online reputation management involves a wide range of activities aimed at cleansing and controlling a brand’s online reputation in order to build customer trust. Most of these activities involve suppressing negative information about a brand in search engine result pages (SERPs). Search engines typically rank content based on various factors. Google, for instance, ranks content based freshness, quality and trust, among other factors. This means that content that adheres to Google’s ranking criteria typically ranks high in SERPs, whereas content that fails to adhere to this criteria gets demoted in Google’s SERPs. The goal of online reputation management is to get your positive content to rank high and your negative low in SERPs. To achieve this goal, you need a good online content strategy to allow you to create and publish new, high quality and authoritative content online. This is where our team manages the process so you don’t have to. Contact our team today to discuss.

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