Man monitoring his online reputation
  • 02
  • May

Should You Be Monitoring Your Online Reputation?

If someone left a bad review for your business, would you notice? How soon? What action would you take? When the goal is to achieve success in your field, a well-monitored and properly maintained online reputation is essential for any thriving business. With digital platforms that are constantly evolving, it’s more important than ever for business owners to actively manage their brands […]

Online reputation specialist
  • 07
  • April

What Is an Online Reputation Specialist, and How Can They Help Your Brand?

The advent of the internet effectively created a single global marketplace for goods and services, an arena of competition between organizations, and a forum of public opinion too vast for anyone to know more than a tiny percentage of brands. The result is that 84% of consumers no longer trust ads. Instead, they trust what other consumers say about a brand much […]

How Can Social Media Damage Your Reputation?
  • 05
  • January

How Can Social Media Damage Your Reputation?

Social media is a powerful tool when wielded judiciously. However, if misused, it could pose serious risks to an individual’s or a company’s reputation. One angry tweet or ranting Facebook post could cause you to lose out on great opportunities. It seems unfair, considering that we live in the United States and should be able to express our views and opinions freely. […]