Hollywood and celebrities
  • 24
  • June

Should Celebrities Use Reputation Management?

Although the phrase “reputation management” is relatively new, literature and history classes teachers have taught that kings and conquerors relied on reputation management techniques for thousands of years. The best-known examples come from ancient Egypt and Rome. Egyptian Pharoahs carved or painted their achievements and exploits on great pillars and temple walls. These tales of glory may only have lasted a lifetime, […]

Search Engine Autocomplete Repair Example
  • 20
  • February

An Introduction To Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)

The term ‘Search Engine Reputation Management’ describes the methods used to control or influence a brand or company’s public image. The World Economic Forum reports that a company’s reputation accounts for a quarter of its’ market value. The traditional term for this practice is Public Relations (PR), however as more companies move online, search results have become a vital element of any […]

Fixing Bad Search Results Like a bad Dog
  • 15
  • July

How To Run an ORM Campaign by Yourself: Our 1-Year Plan

Online reputation management is a skill that anyone can acquire. That’s kind of a bold statement, I know.  But, we really pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers.  Even if we don’t end up working together, we want to make sure you’re better off than when you first arrived on our site. So, over the course of this article, I’m going […]