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What Are The Types Of Reputation Management?

A decade ago, managing ones reputation wasn’t as crucial as it is today. Usually, only the biggest celebrities and companies would focus on reputation management. Smaller businesses didn’t have much to worry about. Nowadays anything a company does that could be seen as negative will be all over the internet. We live in an era of an active audience. Individuals share their […]

reputation management helps you to fix your brand image
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  • November

Fixing Top Topclassactions.com Result for your brand

You Googled your company and what appears? Is it Facebook, Your Website, Twitter, Linkedin, and then you see this website called Topclassactions.com appearing right there. We’ve had clients whose brand was incorrectly ranking on this website and we’ve helped them to push those results off of the first 10 pages of search results and saved their business from a false attack. The […]

4patientsafety.org Removal Services
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4patientsafety.org Removal and Deletion of False Complaints

Complaints about your practice or medical services may have been posted by a bad actor who is unfairly targeting you or your medical practice. This is more common than ever with the internet being the wild wild west of posting anything you want anonymously and having no consequences as the poster of this material. Fortunately for Doctors, our company can help remove, […]