Glossier VS. Morphe: Who’s Online Reputation is Better?
  • 12
  • May

Glossier VS. Morphe: Whose Online Reputation is Better?

In the 21st century, even makeup brands are not safe from becoming the target of online reputation destruction. They are under more scrutiny than ever before, with people’s expectations rising. Makeup brands are no longer just expected to make good makeup but also to be inclusive and accountable, especially for the people they collaborate with, boost, and support. Two brands that can […]

  • 04
  • April

Rockefeller vs. Rothschild: Who Manages Their Reputations Better?

Protecting your online reputation is a day-to-day challenge. So how do some people manage their reputations for years, decades, even centuries without significant loss? The Reputation Management Company has devised a case study of 2 of the wealthiest, most successful families in history – the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Let’s see what lessons we can learn from these giants of reputation management. […]

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  • 11
  • January

How To Enhance Your Reputation Using Philanthropy

It is likely that you have wondered at some point: How can I enhance my reputation using philanthropy? A better way of asking this might be to wonder about specific ways in which philanthropy can enhance anyone’s reputation, especially using a veteran reputation management company that has experience utilizing doing good and promoting it online. After all, is there a human being […]